The Cliffside Bunker House Rules

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    **The Cliffside Bunker

    House Rules for Delta Games**


    In the event of a 6 player group game, the nations will be divided as follows:

    The United Kingdom / France
    The United States / ANZAC
    The Soviet Union / China

    In the event of a 7 player group game, the nations will be divided as follows:

    The United Kingdom
    The United States
    The Soviet Union
    France / ANZAC / China

    Unit Profiles

    • Damaged Battleships may not bombard during an amphibious assault.

    • Cruisers attack @4 when combined with an undamaged Battleship

    National Objectives


    • $5 for Germany for each of the following territories the Axis powers control, Lenningrad, Stalingrad, and/or Moscow. However, the the Baltic sea may not contain allied ships.


    -$5 for Germany if Axis control London

    -$5 for Japan if Axis control all of China’s original territories.

    -$5 for United Kingdom if there are no Axis warships in the Atlantic.

    Neutral Blocks

    Attacks on any strict neutral territory in one neutral block will turn all other strict neutral territories within that same block, into pro-neutral territories for the other side. The two neutral blocks are: South America, and the rest of the world.

    Research & Development

    Using this rule, you may attempt to develop improved military technology. If you decide to use Research & Development, it becomes the new phase 1 of the turn sequence, bumping the other phases up a number.

    China may not do Research and Development. Research and Development Sequence

    1. Buy research dice
    2. Roll research dice
    3. Roll breakthrough die
    4. Mark developments

    Step 1: Buy Research Dice
    You may purchase a pair of research dice for 6 IPCs, and you may only purchase a maximum of 3 pairs per turn (6 dice).

    Step 2: Roll Research Dice
    Roll each of your purchased research dice. Success: If you roll at least one 6, Continue to step 3. Failure: If you don’t roll a 6, your research has failed.

    Step 3: Roll Breakthrough Die
    If your research was successful, choose one of the three breakthrough charts and roll a die to see which technological advance you get.

    Step 4. Mark Developments
    If your research was successful, place one of your national control markers inside the appropriate advancement box on the Research and Development chart. Your development becomes effective immediately. Any number of powers may develop the same technology, but powers can’t share their technology, and powers may never gain the same technology twice.

    Advanced Weapon Chart #1

    1- Conscripts & Volunteers
    Receive 2 free Infantry units during each purchase new units phase.

    2- Radar
    All air bases may now scramble up to 4 eligible air units, and interceptors now defend @ 2.

    3- Rockets
    One rocket from each AA Gun may be fired toward an enemy Complex or Facility at least 3 spaces away. During the Conduct Combat phase, roll one dice for each AA Gun to determine damage on each enemy target.

    4- Mass Production
    Choose land, air, or sea. During each Purchase New Units phase, the cost of all units from that military arm (not including infantry) is decreased by one.

    5- Blitzkrieg Tactics
    Artillery may now move 2 spaces when combined with a Mechanized Infantry.

    6- Convoy Tactics
    Transports now defend @1.

    Advanced Weapon Chart #2

    1- Long Range Aircraft
    The maximum movement points of all air units has increased by one.

    2- Submarine Tactics
    Submarines attack @3 when there are more than one.

    3- Super Carrier Decks
    The maximum capacity of all Aircraft Carriers is now 3 Fighters and/or Tac, Bombers.

    4- Ace Pilot
    Receive one free Fighter unit (French blue) and place it on your Capital. That air unit delivers an automatic hit during each combat round when attacking and defending.

    5- Armored Hulls
    All Battleships now require 3 hits before sinking.

    6- Heavy Bombers
    All Strategic Bombers receive 2 dice each when attacking.

    Advanced Weapon Chart #3

    1- Espionage
    Roll 1 dice and choose that number on any of the three breakthrough charts (may not be a weapon that was already developed by your nation, including Espionage).

    2- War Bonds
    During each collect income phase, roll 1d6 and collect the amount rolled.

    3- Paratroopers
    Strategic bombers operating from an air base may load up to 2 infantry each, and drop then into a hostile land territory during the Combat Movement phase. Bombers may be used as a transport or a bomber during the Combat Movement phase (not both).

    4- Jet Fighters
    All Fighters now attack @4.

    5- Propaganda
    Choose one strict neutral territory, this territory immediately becomes a pro-neutral territory for your side.

    6- Nuclear Warfare
    Receive one free Strategic Bomber containing an A-Bomb (French blue) and place it on your Capital. Deploy it like a Strategic Bomber in order to conduct a SBR on any hostile land territory of your choice. If the bomber survives (SBR rules), a 1d6 is rolled to determine automatic casualties of any removable land or air units within that territory (chosen by defender), and the IPC value of that territory becomes zero for the remainder of the game. Immediately remove the Bomber from the board once it has been used.

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