• As one with numerous connections, both political, familiar, and business, in P.R. China and H.K., as well as being able to speak Chinese (not fluently but well enough) if you need someone “on the ground” to help sort your problems out in China, please don’t hesitate to ask or PM me, and I’ll see what I can do.

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    12-7 Games is from the USA - FMG is from Canada.  We do not have access to cheap USPS services with Tracking.

    Please PM me your order information and I will look into getting this sent out again for you.


    So it’s 4 and a half week now since the (replacement) dices were posted from Canada to Germany.

    I’m curious when they’ll arrive here.

    I’ll report again.

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    Can the admin for this website PLEASE take them off the adverts on this website.  It’s like a massive slap in the face everytime I log on.  I only want a response from them, is that really asking too much!?

    This is not really fair as I don’t have a single PM from you in my box.  Please PM me with your order details and I will look into this issue.

    Was your order shipped AIR MAIL to Europe?  As you can see in the discussion above we have now removed this option due to a few packages going missing.


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    Waited now exactly two moth for a new sending of “lost” dices.  :x

    “Keep my money and balance your budget with it.”

    No one can tell me that the Canadian postal service is that bad.

    You really should kick him as Forum sponsor - it’s only a money trap for international customers.  😛

    I’ll never order again from Field Marshall Games.

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    Hows the shipping to the US. Is it unreliable, and should i stay away. I may consider getting some dice later.

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    Quintus go to Historicalboardgaming.com they have some FMG stuff. Just buy it from there. HBG is top-notch and they keep schtuff tight and to the best of my understanding have bben giving FMG some help as of late.

  • Once I have a higher paying job I plan on buying some nice things from them 🙂

    I don’t know what but when you have money and a list of items to enhance my favourite board game to play arises you have no limitations.

    And keep em as are Sponsers!!!

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