Illegal move? In Triple AAA (In the middle of a game)Hurry Kreig!

  • What happens when a unit makes an illegal move? (Example) The U.S.A. on its noncombat move,took a transport, destroyer, infantry and artillery from sea zone 10 to sea zone 17 and unloaded the land units in French West Africa, then ending his turn.This is obveiously an illegal move,moveing 3 spaces.What happens to the units, are they destroyed and removed from the board or is the move never allowed to happen in the first place.Also does the same principle apply to extending the moves on air units?

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    There is no official game rule on how to handle an illegal move.  If you’re playing in a club or tournament game, the organization involved may have such rules.  Otherwise, it’s up to the players involved how deal with it.  If nothing else has happened since the illegal move (or at least nothing that it affects) doing it over legally is often the best course.

  • What about air craft.(Example)Bomber moves 3 spaces on combat, then moves 4 spaces on noncombat, is this an illegal move or an ineligible space(resulting in it being destroyed) address on page 21 of rulebook.What is the difference between the two?

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    It’s an illegal move.  The only way that an air unit can be legally destroyed by having no place to land is if a carrier fails to pick up a fighter (either through being retreated out of range or lost, or through a combat failing to clear a sea zone blocking its noncombat move).

  • Kreig,
      Just one more question, for years we have been playing that if planes are left (forgotten about, and not moved on noncombat) in a newly captured territory, they are destroyed, is this correct, or an illegal move?

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    It’s an illegal move.

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