Dominion of Canada

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    I’ve noticed some very cheap looking “off-road” motorcycles for sale at Canadian Tire for $500 (Canadian tire is a hardware department store sort of like Home Depot but with automotive stuff instead of lumber).  The bikes aren’t street legal in Canada because they don’t have the right lights on them but you could probably rig that up if you’re mechanical.  They probably are legal where they make them.  Anyway the point is you can buy a brand new motorbike for about 2 weeks pay if you make minimum wage.  For most people it would be 1 weeks pay.  One of these days they will start selling street legal ones for $500 and I will probably buy one.   Could the car manufacturing industry in Ontario ever hope to compete with that?

    The problem with cheap Chinese products is that although we get the cheap junky products, but in the end we can’t afford more important things like food and shelter because we lost our jobs and live on credit cards.

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    Got a link to that Vance? LOL.

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    No, but I was looking them over at the store last summer.  I think you’d be better off to buy a used Honda or whatever for a similar price, but they were really not that bad looking for $500.  This Spring they will probably show up again at the stores.  The nice thing about them is you wouldn;t need a motorcycle license or insurance to drive them around trails or whatever (or you could just get a mountain bike)

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