Aircraft vs Ground

  • A friend just asked me a question about units defending against aircraft, and I was a little tenative about the answer.

    Say you had 5 infantry and a tank in a territory and someone was attacking it with 5 planes, the ground units roll as normal against the aircraft right?  or is it ONLY anti-air & aircraft that roll against attacking aircraft?

    My initial answer is that anti-air get a bonus roll (limit of 3 planes etc.) before the first round, and then combat is conducted as normal, but I had that 2% of doubt that prompted me to just confirm.

    Sorry for a fairly obvious, and probably repetitive question, I just don’t have the rulebook at work and wanted to give a 100% answer

  • TripleA

    after the antiaircraft guns fire before the first round of combat, the ground units roll and it is upto the defender to select casualties. the defender can select ground units or air units, if there are no ground units then they must select air units for casualties.

  • confusing question and an even more confusing response

  • I found the answer and was my first reaction to the question

    To clarify the question I was asked: “If no Anti-Air gun is present in the territory being attacked do the aircraft fight unopposed?”

    The answer being no, combat proceeds as normal (with those exceptions of transports, submarines etc.)

  • Ok, and yea, combat is normal every time, just if u happen to defend with aa guns, u get a free opening salvo with those aa guns on any aircraft that took place in the attack.

  • Yeah sorry, I should of left that part out, made it more complex than the question was 🙂

    I was quite sure of the answer but it was one of the basic things that you over think  :roll:

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