• I just received my second order from these guys in the last month or so and just wanted to comment on their stellar product and service. Product was shipped out the day after the order was placed and was received in well protected packaging. Looking forward to placing another order soon

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    ––I think at least 99 out of 100 HBG customers have probably received the same FAST service. Doug, a.k.a. “Coach”, is an upstanding guy with a real passion for this game. I believe most everyone on this forum would loudly applaud his work. I know I would, and I have my own collection of his little white shipping boxes. And he’s producing his own line of A&A units for all of the countries, too!

    ––Three cheers for the “Coach” and HBG!.

    “Tall Paul”


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    Here, Here!!

  • Yep, all my orders came in 4-6 days.
    Cheer for HBG!

  • Same here, very professional and timely service. Really setting the example!
    I ordered twice so far and will certainly order again.

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    HBG has been great!

    Does anyone know what happened to FMG?  I thought they had some momentum with their convention last spring in Canada - rolling out a live Sherman tank as part of it.  Lot’s of complaints on the FMG website regarding non-responsiveness from Jeremy who is the owner…I think.

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    Never mind - I just saw they gave everyone an update a few days ago.

  • They have a pretty quick turnaround and my last order came with a few extra freebies. Great service, If only I could say the same for the shipping!

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