Restricted unit production/placement and enhanced SBR

  • This house rule replaces Russia restricted. All IC are limited to a maximum number of units produced per turn equal to the IPC production of the area they occupy. So the maximum production for the Karelia is 3 units per turn. 8 units per turn for germany, 6 for southern Europe, 8 units for UK, etc.

    SBR has an additional effect for every bomber that successfully completes an SBR (i.e. not shot down by AA) place a chip under the IC bombed. The max unit production of that area is reduced by 1 unit for each chip under the IC. All chips are removed at the end of the placement phase for the owner of the IC. This SBR effect is in addition to the normal IPC bombing damage. Heavy bombers place 3 chips under an IC for each successful SBR.

  • Moderator

    if your saying this historically, then I’d say no! Russia outproduced Germany and had alot of production in Keraila SSR… otherwise yes it is a neat idea… but it is crippling for Russia maybe too much…

  • Bah! Historical accuracy is not what we are going for here. “Is it entertaining?”, is the only question I am interested in. :D

  • Moderator

    it’s neat then!

  • 2007 AAR League

    Yes I agree that it is interesting, but don’t you guys think it would be too badly damaging to the Soviet Union?

  • personally i think this hurts Russia far too much. the only way for Russia to survive is by sheer numbers, it doesnt have the financial capability to produce enough of the more advanced units to stay alive without mountains of INF. these are used mainly for defense and in support of the little armor and air force Russia has to cripple the German war machine. if not for that, then its cool. you might consider raising the amount of units karelia/russia (territory) can produce per turn. that should even things out enough so that Russia can have a decent game.

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    SBR Rules are intersting…

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