Grinding war advice/places to go

  • So after about 15 hours of game time we are at about a standstill. Ill give in depth detail about each country, I’m the UK so allied advice would help.

    Germany: was very close to getting to Moscow, but spread themselves to thin and now getting beaten back to their original territory. Lost Normandy and Paris for a round but knocked UK out of Europe. Building a nice infantry/artillery army to withstand an all out assault. Still has big Air Force of about 7 fighters and 4 tactical bombers. Collecting about 35 ipc

    USSR: Was on the verge of defeat, but some good moves and rolling, the Soviets are pushing to Berlin. Decent sized units moving into Romania where they Germans and Italians are trying to fend them off. Making about 40 ipc. Got to start worrying about the Japanese (more on that later)

    Japan: really been the dominant power of the game. Owns all of the pacific besides Anzac. Took Inida and china pretty early in the game. Has tanks rolling up through the Middle East. Just lost most of fleet in battle with us, but killed all their fleet so it was a wash. Making about 80 ipc.

    USA: Has been a pretty much non-factor. Lost pacific fleet twice to the Japanese in big battles. Been a little pain to the axis in Europe. Held Gibralter for a good period, took and owns Norway, supplies some war boats to protect the UK fleet from German air units. Not much influence anywhere outside of mainland US. Making about 77 ipc

    UK: lost India pretty early to a Japanese all out assault. Held Egypt for a very long time just lost it but have a few tanks rolling up through to take it back. Pumping about 3-4 transports full of units onto mainland Europe every turn with 3 bombardments and 5 planes. Italian navy becoming a big issue. Collecting about 35 ipc

    Italy: been kept in the Mediterranean for all of the game besides the last round. Huge navy built up using bonus’s. pumping units into Europe being a lifeline to the German survival. Making about 40 ipc

    Anzac: looked like Japs were going to target Anzac after India but battled it out with US. Anzac lost its navy though. Just starting to get on its feet collecting about 15. Now got a transport in southern pacific, Indian Ocean with no Japanese immediate threat, could become a factor.

    Thoughts? Ideas? It’s been a standstill for about the last 5 rounds. USSR making headway into Getmany is big but a Japsnes tank army of about 12 units is becoming an issue from the Middle East. Italy getting out if the Mediterranean is huge with a big navy.

  • Why didn’t Japan quit building tanks and take Anzac or Pearl for the Pacific victory?

  • Build a factory and airbase on Norway, a factory on Finland with the USA and push into Europe through Novograd.

  • 2017 '16 '15 '14 '12

    Protect Hawaii with fighters, carriers, destroyers and build inf/art for South Australia.  Develop a long range plan to start taking down Japan’s income.  Consider a transport shuck to get inf/tanks from Southeast Mexico to French West Africa, with a bridger in z82.  SBR Germany from Norway with an IC to replace any lost escort fighters and bombers.  Take your time with Russia.

  • @Jeff28:

    Why didn’t Japan quit building tanks and take Anzac or Pearl for the Pacific victory?

    Japan could have easily taken Anzac but decided to battle it out with the US and killed both of their navy’s.

  • Building a factory in Norway/Finland seems to be the route needed to go. With that, Russia, UK and US putting pressure on Europe Berlin should fall.

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