G1 build to take the gateway to Africa for certain on G2

  • I’m thinking on G1 of buying:  (I’m going to focus on naval and air operations, the infantry are a reserve for the eastern front to help back it up)

    1 Cruiser
    1 Transport
    7 Inf

    I was to make sure Egypt is taken on G2. I will move the artillery and infantry from Algeria into Egypt to provide support to Libya. I will also transfer the infantry and tank from Italy over to Libya as well. This will provide 6 units as a base for the attack.

    Attacks on G1:
    I will send one sub from SZ9 to try to kill the american fleet 50/50.
    The other sub from SZ9 will attack the UK Cruiser in the med with air support. 2 fighters. One from South Europe and one from Germany.
    I will also send a sub from Baltic to hit the battleship with 2 fighters and a bomber.

    At the worst I will lose 2 subs and maybe one aircraft.
    At the best I will have wiped out the entire american fleet in the Atlantic and killed a cruiser in the med plus a battleship and transport in the Atlantic.

    The cruiser and transport will be added to the battleship and other transport in the med (unmoved)

    1 infantry will be placed in Italy to add to the other 3 (one from France, one from south Europe and one from Germany)

    The two fighters who attacked killed the cruiser will land in Algeria.


    I will use the cruiser, battleship and  2 transports to launch an amphibious attack on Egypt. This will be support by an attack by the 6 units from Libya with the 2 fighters I landed in Algeria on G1. Victory is certain, if the troops in Egypt have not retreated, they will die.

  • Two questions:

    How are you handling the Eastern Front?  For example, are you taking Karelia?

    And how do you handle UK’s Indian fleet, should they come through the canal? They would have a carrier, cruiser, destroyer, two fighters.

    I do like the Atlantic moves, for the most part. I think I’d probably go with a sure thing and send both subs against the East Coast Americans. Maybe send 3 fighters against the cruiser, instead of 2?

    And I kinda like the idea of landing some fighters in Africa to help with the Egypt attack.

  • Yes, I will usually trade Ukraine for Karelia if the Russian player decides to launch an attack on both West Russia and Ukraine. However if he masses at West Russia I may consider retreating from the Ukraine (leave one man there to hold them from blitzing) and mass those forces and those in German in Poland to form a counter offensive force to crush any troops heading along the southern route through Ukraine.

    I’ll send all three infantry from Finland into Karelia, splitting the troops in Norway to cover Norway and Finland (1 each). All the troops from the baltic states will attack and also some from Belorussian region. I’ll get a couple of fighters and maybe 4-5 tanks to aid in the attack on Karelia. I’ll also send two more infantry from germany with the transport and support from the cruiser providing of shore bombardment.


    In reflection, I will probably only attack the american transports with my subs, it would be better to keep those subs alive as insurance and a future “threat” to enemy landings.

    If the UK fleet does decide to move through the canal one huge aim will have been achieved. This will leave India “wide open” to off shore bombardment. In two turns minimum Japan will have India. If the UK decides to fight me in Africa he will lose India. It’s a trap!!

    Also, I can reinforce my fleet next turn with some sub cannon fodder or just retreat all together and head for Brazil with a strike force. With India Russia will fall a lot quicker. It’s another front they have to worry about. I might even be bold enough to buy a IC in France and build a navy in the channel. It sounds mad, but by turn four I could really threaten the UK. Then India would fall for sure and Europe will be safe guarded.

    Africa will be a hard fight for the allies - guaranteed

    UK will feel the pressure

    Russia will be halted and infantry built to restore losses.

    As for the USA, Japan will pressure them a little and help to take down Russia from the East and South.

  • I’ve been using a similar strategy.  Rather than do the attack on egypt G1, which even with everything is still dicey and pricey, I land 2 units in transjordan after killing the UK destroyer.  This limits the Indian fleet and sets me up for a turn 2 guaranteed victory in Egypt that conserves more forces.

  • That also sounds pretty good to be honest. There is definitely potential. I’m gunna try it!

  • what do you do when UK kills your BB/transport with 2 fighters bomber? Then he takes transjordan?

  • @theROCmonster:

    what do you do when UK kills your BB/transport with 2 fighters bomber? Then he takes transjordan?

    Where does the fighter and bomber come from. Only one fighter in Egypt!

  • 2021 '20 '19 '17 '16 '15 '13

    From the carrier in the Indian Ocean and I believe the bomber from England can reach that sea zone.

  • The one from India is 3 move away from the coast of Italy, with only one move left it has no where to land, therefore it cannot make it.

  • UK can move the carrier off the coast of Egypt, thus providing a landing spot for the fighter. So, what DO you do when your battleship is sunk by 2 fighters and a bomber? 😃

  • sz15 can be attacked with 2 fig 1 bom, vs 1 bb 1 cru 2 tran the odds are

    61% all G units dead
    15% only 2 trans left
    17% BB + 2 trans left
    7%  all G units survive

    This is asuming that the UK destroyer at sz17 was killed with G air on G1.

    Either Germany needs to buy more navy to protect the BB, or it must either attack Egypt G1 or take Gibraltar on G1.
    Otherwise it will be possible for the UK to launch a solid attack.

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