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    Colonial Warfare:

    Does this mean that Germany blocks the NO if it holds, for example, Mozambique?

    Or are only the 4 original German tts involved; I had it that the CPs hold no tts whatever in Africa (including Egypt).

  • Love the incentive to invest in subs for the Germans.

  • Flash: Germany can take other colonies but the UK gets the bonus if it steals germany’s. This is a roundabout way of keeping the germans stationary in their own colonies.

  • The German sub bonus was going to be 5 ipcs if a german sub makes an attack this round, or the allies have no boats….but that seemed clunky.

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    Isn’t there, in effect, a German sub bonus already with the special SZs Larry mentioned?

  • @Flashman:

    Isn’t there, in effect, a German sub bonus already with the special SZs Larry mentioned?

    Seems to me like that isn’t that great. Obviously I don’t know for sure.

    But to me it seems like since Germany has to wait 3 rounds to do it or, just like in history, the sub attacks would bring America into the war, the Allies would have an easy time hunting the German subs well before Germany can do that.

  • Perhaps the German bonus should just be that they have at least 5 warships (of any type). Because they were more obsessed with matching the UK.

  • Seems to me that with the Med on lockdown with three Allied fleets (France, Italy, and UK) there won’t be much fighting at sea outside the North Sea.

  • Well I think those three med fleets will be small and suffer from the fact they can’t attack together and bring their full weight to bear on AH or the Ottomans.

    I also wonder if planes will have any use in coastal battles? They would make great observers for the big guns on ships. (their value as attackers would be useless.)

  • @oztea:

    A Matter of Pride

    Depending on how detailed the game map is, it might be possible to create some sort of national objective relating to France’s desire to regain Alsace-Lorraine, which was annexed by Germany as a result of the Franco-Prussian War.

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