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    Ok first off that German Iron Ore NO still woks as long as Sweeden is axis controlled or neutral… Um I never wait till J4 to attack allies. Also how are you going to attack Turkey? Like the axis won’t see it coming a mile away when you have tons of russian troops stationed in caucus for no reason?

    This is the G1/J4 discussion, so it’s implied that this G1 plan only works if Japan holds off until a J4 attack.

    You are correct that the Axis could plan on reacting to an attack on the neutrals.  In most games I’ve been reviewing though the Axis players would be 2 - 3 turns away from doing anything of significance after scooping up free neutrals.  The whole idea is that you are working to resolve a crisis point in the game that is happening long before that.  But if the tactical situation says it won’t work out for you, then don’t do it.  I’m not trying to argue this is a 100% do it strategy; I’m stipulating that it is not a 100% don't do it strategy.

    Zukov44 makes an excellent point by highlighting that fact that it is almost universally a bad strategic move.  But if the tactical situation is such that you are certain to lose almost immediately, then you may not be that worried about move that are harmful to your strategy- you just have to deal with it later.

    I could also argue that it would in fact be possible to fool the Axis just based on the strong opinions presented here.  You might assume that Russia is going to use any troops on the border to pick up Persia if the UK left it for them and then attack Iraq.  The Russian Air Force might then be waiting right in the Ukraine to help out, when you assume they are countering Italian can-openers or an approaching German stack.  I can easily imagine you being fooled if you think the neutral attack is such a horrible idea that nobody in their right minds would ever do it.

    This is very risky for Russia though, my preferred option would be UK ICs in Egypt and Iraq so that I can hold Cairo and give myself a path to the IC-rich Balkans without having to fight for naval control of the Med.  Then if you are going to hold Turkey for a round or two, another IC might go there… all rampant speculation though and subject to more what-ifs than you can count.

  • The ammount of material Russia would need to send to take Turkey would be enough that Germany could just walk right on to moscow… That extra 2 dollars russia now has will be going in Germanys bank.

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