New forum available for MapView/MotCreations

  • Just a quick notice. The MotCreations website is undergoing a complete
    restructuring and rewrite. The MapView sections will focus on the modules
    from cooperating partners such as Imp Games, Deer Valley Game Company, and
    others. It will also include a large focus on User-Defined Modules with
    a catalog of player-submitted games. Some other projects beyond MapView
    will be also be available, such as an AI for the civil war game “SQUARES”.

    Along with all of this will be a forum to provide a single place to have
    all of your MapView (and other MotCreations) questions answered. As it
    stands right now, there are bits of information spread all over the web on
    half a dozen different forums. I think it will be a great service to
    consolidate these into a central place. While the website is still being
    worked on, you can at least get access to the rough draft of the new forum

    I will be trying to replicate any MapView threads located on other forums
    in our new forum so that new visitors can learn from the old questions.

    Thanks to everyone who has supported MapView over past two years!

    Mot 🙂

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