Chesapeake Bay Campaign – War of 1812

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    This thread is for anyone interested. I’m currently researching a project out, and it is focused on the Chesapeake Bay Campaign, particularly the 1814 end of the campaign. I visited Washington D.C./Baltimore last year as a part of that research. Right now, I’m just using whatever research books I can get from my alma mater’s library; I’m covering the life of Commodore Joshua Barney and his flotilla, which served as a deterrent for the British who were wanting to land on American soil. After he scuttled the flotilla, he and his marines (500 total) were the main fighting force that kept the British at bay during the Battle of Bladensburg. By far one of the more fascinating characters from the War of 1812.

    Currently reading up on his flagship from the flotilla. Here is a dive that happened to try and find it:

    also, a great read on the man’s life:


    P.S. Wittman, have you read anything on this campaign? Any suggestions?

  • Hi GG. I am sorry to say I know nothing of this war, but can assure you I will read and follow everyone else’s posts.

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    Thanks Wittman, I’ll definitely try and spearhead that endeavor. If anyone does have suggestions for readings they have done, I would be grateful if you could tell me about them here.

    When I went to Fort McHenry, I was told by the ranger there, “‘The Dawn’s Early Light’ is the definitive volume on the campaign, specifically leading up to the Battle of Baltimore.” Great text, reads like Cornelius Ryan’s classic, “A Bridge Too Far.”


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