• This is an important question because Karelia on the old or first edition i think it is is an original industrial complex and it states in the rules the origianl complexes that start the game off can produce like 30 to 40 ips(buying grunts, tanks, fighters, etc…) a game . Like if you have 34 play dollars , you can buy your new units and place them on Karelia because you owned it for a turn and it is an original industrial complex, right? this has been a contreversial topic  because the game is usually won or lost right there at Karelia… please input and thanks for your comments.  avid Axis and Allies player.

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    I thought Karelia in the new game was a 2 IPC territory, that would mean only 2 units could be produced there as all factories are limited to the IPC of the territory for the number of units it could produce.  The original 1942 game also had this limit.  Older versions of AA did have the unlimited production rule but not sure why that would matter in the new game.

  • No the older game original industrial complexes,  where it says 3 ipcs for karelia what do ya think?

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    It sounds like you’re talking about the 2nd edition of the Classic (Milton Bradley) version (1986).  In those rules, production is unlimited in your original industrial complexes, while new and captured ones are limited.  Germany would be able to produced only three units per turn in the captured Karelia complex.

    As a side note, in the first edition Classic rules (1984) there were no limits of any kind on production.

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    Archie and Edith: ….Those were the Days…LOL

  • Yeah that was when you could put a IC in your favorite Pafic Island and put in ungodly units in it!
    The innocent years….lol

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