Can ships move 1 space then attack or do they have to start their turn adjacent?

  • Can ships move 1 space then attack or do they have to start their turn adjacent to their target?

    I know land units have to start adjacent to their assault target before they attack (with the exception of air units and blitzing tanks); are attacking ships the same way or not? For example can a battleship start nonadjacent to it’s target, move 1 which makes it adjacent and then attack?

    Similarly, during an amphibious assault can a loaded transport move 1 (or even 2) spaced uncontested into the coastal sea zone it’ll unload from and then proceed to unload/assault?

    I’m a beginner and I’m playing Spring 1942 and it’s awesome…thanks!

  • You may be confused on where combat occurs.  During the combat Move Phase units that end their move IN an enemy territory with enemy units conduct a combat in that territory. In your case, in the Combat Move Phase, sea units can move up to 2 spaces and end their turn in a sea region with enemy ships. This is the only way to conduct combat. You cannot attack from an adjacent space, you have to move INTO a space containing enemy units to conduct combat.

    Hope this helps.

  • It has, thanks! But to clarify a bit further, for amphibious assaults, does the unloading into hostile coastal territory count as one of the transport’s 2 moves or no because the transport technically ‘stops at the border’ and can’t end it’s turn on land? ,……after this last question get’s clarified i’m a pro in this area of the game lol

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    Hi Jaxrealm. Unloading a Transport  ends its turn.
    It can, of course, move up to two Sea Zones prior to unloading.
    Hope that helps.
    Have fun.

  • And the transport never ends up on a territory.  Just in the seazone adjacent to the territory you’re dumping units into.

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