Northern Virginia Civil War Sites

  • I will be in Northern Virginia for ten days and have a few days to devote to Civil War Battle sites. Have any of you visited some of the famous Battles sites in the area? Which battle sites are a must see?

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    Hi Worsham. I would firstly like to say: you lucky man! Enjoy!
    When I come over I will start in Richmond and go East to Seven Pines, check out the 7 days sites and finish at Yorktown. I think I would then retrace my steps, checking out Cold Harbour and see where Lee should have heavily punished Grant’s mistake on the North Anna if it had not been for his incapacitation. (Grant thought Lee had lost it, when he realised his mammoth mistake. How lucky he was!) Spotslyvania next.
    Fredericksburg would be the next step, followed by Chancellorsville. (Again the lost opportunity, because of Jackson’s wounding, of reaching US Ford and cutting off Hooker.)
    Manassas would be my last stop, unless I had time to visit the Shenandoah, with those minor, yet strategically important Jackson victories of 62.
    Not forgetting to see Lexington and visit Old Jack’s grave.
    Is Sharpsburg, My, too far?
    That is what I would do. You did say you had a month?
    Please report back. I would love to know your thoughts on visiting them.

  • I got ten days, and can only devote a few days to my own desires to see War sites in Virginia.  😞

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    I got carried away and excited.
    Cromwell will have a better idea.

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