• Curious on the input I get from this opening move for Germany.  I’ve been looking for a sounding board on different techniques for opening moves outside of my gaming group (can’t give them everything).  I’m also interested to see how others open.

    My group currently plays with the Alpha +3 rules.

    I’ve played around with this opening in simulators, and the sea battles are 75% in favor of attacker, even with scrambles.  Of course, dice…

    German opening (Sea):
    (SZ 106) - 1 sub
    (SZ 110) - 2 subs, 2 fighters, 2 tac, 2 heavy
    (SZ 111) - 2 subs, 2 fighters, 2 tac

    German opening (Land):
    Normandy - Tank, Inf, Art
    Yugo - Inf x9, Art x2, Tank x3
    S. France - Tank x3
    France - Inf x6, Art x2, Mech x4, Tank x2, Tac, Fighter

    German Non-Com:
    Take Finland
    Take Bulgaria

    This nets you the most money that I can think of - unless I’m completely missing something.  On the production charts you should be sitting at 44 + 10 (bonus) + 19 (France) = 73 IPC.

    Is the reward, in the long run, worth the cost of IPC’s to take all this territory?  Should you leave S. France for Italy so they have extra IPC’s coming in?  Is it better to leave one of the UK fleets alive and ensure the transports are dead?

    So, lets hear your thoughts on this.

  • TripleA

    I prefer 3 mech and a fighter for southern europe when I do that battle. I don’t like taking away from the france battle. Plus why expose the fighter to an AA gun?

    I don’t do normandy round 1 either.

    Plus your 73 ipc net is off by convoy disruption from french naval in southern france. 73 - convoy up to 3.

  • SZ 106 2SS
    SZ 111 SS, 2 Bombers, BB, FTR, Tac (can divert 1 Bomber to 109 to help prevent scramble)
    SZ 109 2SS, 2FTR, 2TAC
    Normandy: Art/Inf/Tac
    Yugo: S. Germany units and Romania FTR (so it can go to S. Italy)
    NCM same
    All available mechs/tanks, and remaining inf at France with Tac/FTR

    Why risk S. France with 3 tanks? Save S. France for IT. 
    Yugo is an overkill.  Why 9inf in needed for support (where are the other 3 coming from, and why isn’t 6 from S. Germany enough)?
    I was taught that it’s better to eliminate the DDs to help choke off UK with your SS(hence why I left 110 open). Yes, I know the 110 ships run like hell…
    70IPCs is plenty of cash for 10art,7mech.
    While I know risking a plane to France’s AA is a risk, I like a quick battle so maybe I don’t have to dig into arts when I lose all my inf (trying to avoid a 2nd RD resistance)

    I’m by no means an expert an global, it’s just something I used/learn.

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