A&A 1942 2nd edition (1941) set up

  • Something I was playing with was hopeing for some feed back

    Now my group actually enjoys the smaller board to the large 1940 board. � We all agree it looks cool when it’s set up but play is just slow (since you have more spaces but the movement rate hasn’t changed. � So we stick to the smaller boards which the movement rate was designed for.) � That being said I tried to design different set ups for the smaller board.

    Also of note I tend to get a lot of players so for the UK you will see it broken up into UK/FEC/ Anzac but on the small board can be a single UK player. � � Germany is also broken up into Germany/Italy but again can just be a single German player.

    starting IPCs: 27
    Algeria: 1 inf
    Bulgaria: 3 inf, 1 art, 4 tanks
    Finland: 2 inf
    France: 2 inf, 1 tank
    Germany: 3 inf, 1 art, 1 AA, IC, 1 fighter, 1 bomber
    Libya: 1 inf, 1 art, 1 tank (Italy control)
    Morocco: control marker
    Norway: 2 inf, 1 fighter
    NW Europe: 1 inf, 1 fighter
    Poland: 4 inf, 1 art, 2 tank
    SZ 5: 1 cruiser, 1 transport, 1 sub
    SZ 8: 2 subs
    SZ 14: 1 transport

    starting IPCs: 6
    Italy: 1 inf, 1 art, 1 tank, 1 AA, IC, 1 fighter
    Libya: 2 inf
    SE Europe: 2 inf, 1 tank
    SZ 15: 1 battleship, 2 cruisers, 1 transport

    starting IPCs: 16
    Carline Islands: 3 Inf
    Formosa: 3 inf, 1 art, 1 fighter
    French Indo China: 3 inf
    Iwo Jima: 1 inf
    Japan: 4 inf, 1 art, 1 tank, 1 AA, IC, 1 fighter
    Kiangsu: 3 inf
    Malya: control marker
    Manchuria: 3 inf, 1 fighter
    Okinawa: 1 inf
    SZ 50: 1 battleship, 1 destroyer, 1 transport
    SZ 57: 2 air craft carriers (1 fighter, 1 tact. bomber each)
    SZ 60: 1 cruiser
    SZ 61: 1 aircraft carrier (1 fighter, 1 tact bomber), 1 destroyer
    SZ 62: 1 transport

    Starting IPCs: 32
    Archangel: 2 inf
    Baltic States: 3 inf
    Belarussia: 2 inf
    Buryatia: 3 inf
    Caucasus: 4 inf, 1 AA, IC
    Evanki: 1 inf
    Karelia: 3 inf, 1 art, 1 AA, IC
    Kazakh: 2 inf
    Novosibirsk: 2 inf
    Russia: 3 inf, 1 art, 1 tank, 1 fighter, 1 AA, IC
    Soviet Far East: 2 inf
    Ukraine: 3 inf
    Vologda: control marker
    West Russia: control marker
    Yakut: 1 inf
    SZ 4: 1 sub

    UK total IPCs: 38 � � (UK, FEC and ANZAC as one nation)
    UK only IPCs: 24
    Anglo Egpyt: control marker
    Belgian Congo: control marker
    East Canada: 1 tank
    Egypt: 2 inf, 1 fighter
    French Africa (all territories) control marker
    Gibralter: control marker
    Iceland: control marker
    Italian East Africa: control marker
    Persia: control marker
    Rhodesia: control marker
    South Africa: 2 inf
    Trans Jordon: 2 inf, 1 art
    UK: 2 inf, 1 art, 1 tank, 1 AA, IC, 2 fighters, 1 bomber
    West Canada: 1 inf
    SZ 2: 1 battlship, 1 transport
    SZ 6: 1 destroyer
    SZ 10: 1 destroyer, 1 transport
    SZ 13: 1 cruiser, 1 destroyer
    Starting IPCs: 14
    Borneo: control marker
    Burma: 1 inf
    East Indies: control marker
    India: 3 inf, 1 art � (1 aa, IC if using FEC as it’s own nation)
    Kwangtang: 1 inf
    Solomon Islands: control marker
    SZ35: 1 cruiser, 1 destroyer, 1 transport
    Starting IPCs: 4
    East Australia: 3 inf, 1 art � � � (1 AA, IC if using ANZAC as it’s own nation)
    New Guinia: control marker
    New Zealand: control marker
    West Australia: control marker
    SZ 39: 1 destroyer, 1 transport

    Starting IPCs: 4
    Anthewi: 1 inf
    Sinkiang: 2 inf
    Szechwan: 2 inf, 1 fighter
    Yunnan: 1 inf

    Starting IPCs: 41
    Alaska: 1 inf
    Brazil: control marker
    Central America: control marker
    Central US: 1 inf
    East Mexico: control marker
    Eastern US: 1 inf, 1 art, 1 fighter, 1 bomber, 1 AA, IC
    Greenland: control marker
    Hawaii: 1 inf, 1 fighter
    Mexico: control marker
    Midway: 1 inf
    Philippines: 2 inf
    Wake Island:1 inf
    West Indies: control marker
    Western US: 1 inf, 1 art, 1 fighter 1 AA, IC
    SZ 11: 1 destroyer, 1 transport
    SZ 19: 1 cruiser
    SZ 42: i aircraft (w/ 1 fighter), 1 destroyer
    Sz 48: 1 destroyer, 1 transport
    Sz 53: 1 battleship
    Sz 56: 1 destroyer, 1 transport

  • Can you post the IPC starting income for these nations?

    Also, I think china might need one or two more infantry, they always get steamrolled on this board.

  • Updated with starting IPCs,

    so what are you thinking 2 inf for each China territory?

  • Maybe just one more in each of the ones Japan doesn’t start touching.
    That way Japan isn’t hindered on its first turn unrealistically, but the next layer of china is more difficult to crack and then be bordering soviet territory.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, I will make the change.

    I was a little unsure how to handle China. Â

    I also had a question about ports / airbases.  Has anyone tried them on the smaller boards? 
    I want to be able to use the scramble rules for air bases and that naval bases can repair damaged capital ships.
    However my concern is the extra movement might be too good on the smaller board, so here is my question.  Do I use the bases just not the extra movement, or use them just as they are in global?

  • Extra movement is bad, though capital ship repair is good.

    you can just jury rig it by saying capital ships need to repair at sea zones adjacent to friendly victory cities or factories

  • So what do you thinm about placing the naval bases and air fields but just not using the extra movement rule.  Thay way I can use repairs and scramble rules?

  • Customizer

    I think you should leave air and naval bases off.
    It’s already been decided that the extra movement would be way overpowering for either.
    As for repairing capital ships, you would only use it for battleships. In this game, carriers only take ONE hit to sink and only cost 14 IPCs. Personally, I like to be able to repair battleships as long as they survive the battle.
    As for scrambling, while I mostly like it in 1940, I don’t really care for it in the smaller games. I think it is a little overpowering.

  • Ok thanks for the advice.
    I should have mentioned we use the 2 hit rule for both Aircraft carriers and Battleships (aircraft carrier cost 16).
    What I’m thinking is just using naval bases so the ships have a point to return to for repair.

    Personally I always hated ships just repair themselves after battle.

    Also do you think using Marines, Mechanized Inf or Strategic Bombers would be unbalance things?  I can’t see any reason they would.

  • In my house rules victory cities could scramble one plane and thats it.
    And battleships and carriers had to repair at a victory city or factory.

  • These were some rules I was kicking around for the 1942 board.
    You can cherry pick any DEFCON 3 rules to spice up your game, but to use DEFCON 2 rules, you have to use ALL the DEFCON 3 rules as well.
    Likewise, to use DEFCON 1 rules, you have to agree to use all the DEFCON 2&3 rules (you are now basically playing global)
    DEFCON 3 Rules
    1. Straits
    a. Strait of Gibraltar
    Surface warships may not move from sea zone 13 to sea zone 14, or vice versa, unless a friendly power controlled Gibraltar at the start of your turn.
    b. Strait of Denmark
    Surface warships may not move from sea zone 5 to sea zone 6, or vice versa, unless a friendly power controlled Northwest Europe at the start of your turn.

    2. Factories on Islands
    Industrial complexes may no longer be built on islands. (territories surrounded by a single sea zone)

    3. Scramble!
    During the combat phase, you may scramble one fighter from any of your victory cities to participate in a naval battle in an adjacent sea zone. Only one fighter may scramble from a victory city. If the fighter survives, it must return to the territory it originated from.

    4. Russo-Japanese Non-Aggression Pact
    The first time Japan attacks an original Soviet territory, or vice versa, the defending power may place three infantry and one AAA, distributed as they wish, amongst any territories that are under attack by that power. After the first time one power has attacked the other’s original territory, this rule is no longer in effect.

    5. A Stronger China
    As long as the allies control India, during the Japanese combat phase, one US infantry may be placed in any one Chinese territory that is under attack by Japanese forces.

    6. Capital Ship Repairs
    Battleships no longer automatically repair after combat. They repair during your power’s purchase units phase and only if they are in a sea zone adjacent to a territory containing a friendly Victory City or Industrial Complex.

    DEFCON 2 Rules
    1. Carriers as Capital Ships
    Carriers require two hits to sink, and repair exactly as battleships do. When damaged, they may not hold planes. Carriers profiles are also changed to 0/2/2 and cost 16 IPCs

    2. National Objectives
    Collected during a power’s collect income phase if you fulfill the outlined requirements:

    Soviet Union
    3 IPCs if the Soviet Union controls any 3/5 of the following: West Russia, Belorussia, Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine S.S.R. and no Allied units are present in original Soviet territory.
    Theme: Reclamation of occupied Soviet territory.

    3 IPC if the Allies control at least one of the following and also control a series of adjacent land territories that links it to Moscow: Archangel, Persia, Soviet Far East
    Theme: Lend lease supplies.

    3 IPCs if Germany controls Norway and Northwestern Europe.
    Theme: Vital iron ore supply from Norway.

    3 IPCs if Germany controls Italy and Southern Europe and any 3/5 of the following: Gibraltar, Egypt, Trans-Jordan, Anglo-Egypt Sudan, Italian East Africa.
    Theme: Support from Italy as it’s empire expands.

    3 IPCs if Germany controls Poland and none of the territories adjacent to Poland contain allied combat units.
    Theme: Living space in the East

    United Kingdom
    3 IPCs if the United Kingdom controls Gibraltar, Egypt, Trans-Jordan, and India.
    Theme: Vital supplies and raw materials move to and from the colonies.

    3 IPCs if the United Kingdom controls Eastern Canada and no German warships are in Sea Zone 9 or adjacent to Sea Zone 9.
    Theme: Vital supplies from Canada, and lend-lease supplies from the United States.

    3 IPCs if Japan controls all of the following: East Indies, Borneo, Philippines.
    Theme: Vital raw materials from territories in the South Pacific.

    3 IPCs if Japan controls India, Eastern Australia, or Hawaiian Islands
    Theme: Control of a western power center in the Pacific.

    3 IPCs if Japan controls Manchuria and Kiangsu and any 3/5 of the following: Burma, Sikang, Szechwan, Anhwei, Yunnan
    Theme: Control of the Central Asian mainland.

    United States
    3 IPCs if the United States controls Central Untied States and any three German territories are controlled by the Allies.
    Theme: Supporting the fight in Europe against Germany.

    3 IPCs if the United States controls Western United States and any three Japanese territories are controlled by the Allies.
    Theme: Supporting the fight in the Pacific against Japan.

    3. Convoy Raiding
    If an enemy combat naval unit borders a territory named in one of your National Objectives, and you control the territory in question, then collect 1 IPC less from that bonus. In the case multiple territories are bordered by hostile naval units, then deduct 1 IPC for each occurrence"

    4. Technology
    Technology dice cost 5 IPCs. Breakthrough dice are rewarded as follows. You may buy as many rolls as you wish per turn, but can only achieve one breakthrough.
    1-2 No Effect
    3-5 Tech Token (Place National Control Marker on your capital, Free Roll next turn)
    6 Breakthrough (choose a tech tree and roll a die)

    Economic Technology
    1 or 2 “War Bonds“ - Roll a die during your collect income phase and collect that many IPCs
    3 or 4 “Rockets“ - Your AAA also launch rockets. Target an Industrial complex within 3 spaces and deal one die of damage. (Only one AAA can target any one enemy complex)
    5 or 6 “Increased Production“ - Repair damage to your factories at ½ price. Also, your victory cities may serve as a mobilization point for one infantry per turn.
    Air Technology
    1 or 2 “Long Range Aircraft“ - Fighters and bombers move two additional spaces
    3 or 4 “Jet Fighters“ - Fighters attack at 4, and during interception roll before enemy bombers and escorts
    5 or 6 “Heavy Bombers“ - In combat and strategic bombing you may roll two dice and choose the better result
    Naval Technology
    1 or 2 “Improved Shipyards“ - Transports, Subs and Destroyers cost 1 IPC less, Cruisers, Carriers and Battleships cost 2 IPCs less
    3 or 4 “Super Subs“ - Your subs attack at 3. Additionally they defend at 2 if enemy destroyers are not present
    5 or 6 “Radar/Sonar“ - Your AAA guns now hit on ‘2’ or less. Your destroyers also reduce the attack power of enemy subs by ‘1’ at a 1:1 ratio
    Land Technology
    1 or 2 “Mechanized Infantry“ - Your armor may bring one infantry with it when moving two spaces.
    3 or 4 “Advanced Artillery“ - Your artillery now supports two infantry during attacks
    5 or 6 “Advanced Armor“ - Your tanks now attack and defend at 4 on the first round of combat.

    DEFCON 1 Rules
    1. National Advantages

    2. Alternative Setups
    a. 1941 (WORK IN PROGRESS)
    b. 1942 Alpha (WORK IN PROGRESS)

    3. Attacker Targeting
    Non-Infantry, Non-AAA rolls to hit of ‘1’ are assigned by the attacker

  • Wow thanks for sharing.
    I’m going to take some time tomorrow and really digest these rules.  I can say these we already use some of those rules.
    No factories on islands, we use the straight rules, aircraft carriers are 0/0/2/16 and take 2 hits.

    I also have Research & Development:
    buy a research token for $5 (pretty much use anniversary rules for Tech)  keep the toeksn you buy until to make a tech break thru.

    I should point out we use original rules for AA guns, one per territory and one shot per attacking plane.  I never really understood the need for the change in that rule.

    National Objectives:
    when not at war with Russia +5 IPCs
    Wolf pack: 3 or more subs in the same zone attack at +1

    when at war in europe and controls Archangel with no axis ships in Sz 4 +5 IPCs
    Russian Winter: once during your collect income declare winter, until the start of your next turn russian infantry in original russia defends on 3

    when not at war +10 IPCs
    Japaness infantry defend original Japanese islands on 3

    when not at war collect +10 IPCs
    Lend Lease: when  not at war (with china or UK/FEC/Anzac)

    Burma road: +5 IPCs and may buy art.

    +5 IPCs if no germany subs on the board
    UKs AA hit on 1 or 2

    If you control Kwangtung and Malya +5 IPCs

    +5 if you or FEC control East Indies

    +5 IPCs when there are no allies surface ships in the Mediterranean

  • Customizer

    I just set this up and I have a few suggestions:
    JAPAN: No bomber? Should add 1 bomber to Japan.
    JAPAN: No cruisers? Also, no ships in SZ 60? Should add 1 Battleship and 1 Cruiser in SZ 60.
    JAPAN: The two carriers in SZ 57 - it says 2 fighters. Is that ONLY 2 fighters or 2 fighters PER CARRIER? If only 2, then should just have a single carrier there.
    RUSSIA: 5 infantry on Karelia and Buryatia - I think that’s too many. 3 would be better.
    RUSSIA: No fighter? Should add 1 fighter to Russia.
    FEC: Should add 1 fighter to India
    FEC: Navy in SZ 35 seems light. Perhaps add 1 Cruiser to SZ 35.
    USA: No Cruisers? Should add 1 Cruiser in SZ 19.
    USA: Bomber in W US may be too much. (not sure here)
    USA: Should add 1 artillery to W US and add 1 tank to either E US or C US.

  • 2 fighters per aircraft carrier (sorry I thought I masde that clear).

    Im iffy on the fighter in Russia, but I do know it helps give Russia a fighting chance.

    I also agree with you about the bomber in West US, but wanted to get opinions on that.

    Here is my things about Cruiser, nothing against them personally but they hardly ever see any play in my games (outside of what people start with).  The either go for battleships for bombardment or destoyers to fight subs.  No one ever uses cruisers, so my view might be a little skewered based on the games we play.

  • Ok now that I have some free time.  I looked at people’s suggestions and made some changes to my set up.

    Russia: gained a fighter and lowered the 5 inf to 3 inf

    FEC: gained a cruiser in SZ 35

    US: lost a bomber in West US but picked up 1 ART
    They also gained a cruiser in SZ 19

    Gained a cruiser in SZ 60
    also on the aircraft carriers they now each have 1 fighter and 1 tact. bomber

    I am going to use the victory cities rules as follows:
    damage to Battleships or Aircraft carriers must be repaired at a friendly victory city
    victory cities may scramble 1 fighter into naval combat

  • Ok play tested this and found the game to be balanced.

    A few things we noticed was you cannot mix Germany and Italy into one army because it gives Germany too much strength in the opening of the game to just steam roll through UK in Africa.  We made that mistake in one game.

    We used Victory cities to allow repair of capital ships and to scramble 1 fighter.

    If UK/FEC/Anzac are used as one nation you have to give India a factory.

    We also found that if you play with Both UK and FEC (where FEC controls ANZAC you have to start with a factory in E. Australia)

    We have always used straight rules, they are second nature to use, so we didn’t think about them not being in 42 when it came to Gibraltar.

    We do not allow factories to be built on islands and actually only allow factories to be built in countries you started with.  You want to build in someone elses country you must take over their factory.

    WE also allowed all the pieces from Global and even some new units from HBG and didn’t find it broke anything, actually it just made the game more enjoyable.

    Here is my new question what do you think of adding more victory cities so you have all 19?

  • 2021 2020 '19 '18 '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 Moderator

    Just found this thread, thanks to Innohub.
    Lots of good ideas. Thank you  all.

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