Favorite Country to Play as

  • What’s your favorite country?

  • I like the UK, you get fun attacks on both maps and are the heart of the early fighting.

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    Ever since I started playing in 87.

  • Soviet Union. Let the glory boys in the west do what they will, the war is won or lost on the eastern front…

  • my two favs have always been ussr and uk, I like uk more because they are usually more difficult to win with

  • UK + USSR is a fun combo to play

  • I like the UK because they are a challenge. They are everywhere, but have very limited resources. Every game your capital(s) are on the line, and your purchases will either make you, or break you. Can you hold out until help arrives, while keeping Italy in check at the same time? Can you build up the RAF to be a difference maker? Will the Royal Navy be restored?

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    I love playing the USA.  The US, with its abundant resources, really determine the course of action for the Allies in Global.

    God bless America!  😄

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    Germany, Japan, USSR are all fun… even Italy can have its moments…

    UK is a drag.  Sure, first turn is all action, but after that… blah…

    USA is simultaneously fun and frustrating… lots of cash but too many options…

    If I had to choose, Germany is the most action packed by far and in the end the most fun

  • My favorite is whichever one I’m playing as at the time.

    That said, it doesn’t feel as bad if you lose with the axis as it feels when you lose with the allies. Losing with the allies feels like you’ve let humanity down…  :lol:

    I have to say, in a recent game where I had 5 ICs in Europe as the Americans, that was pretty fun. I have to thank allweneedislove for painfully teaching me that one – too many targets for Germany to attack and still be able to defend the Danish can-opener.

  • I like Japan because it forces you to diversify.  You need a good air-force, a good navy, and a good army to succeed

  • I like USA because it’s never the same twice for me; everytime I think I have my strat figured out the Axis strat is a new one and I get the challenge of adapting.

  • I tend to be too wishy washy w/USA, and that’s never a good thing. I have learned that you have to pick a side and spend min 3/4 income (or more) there to gain advantage, then switch gears later. My problem is I try to do too much buy switching gears too early leading to disaster. Bombers are awesome though, and after you have decimated one side, you can bring them about quickly to change the tone on the other.

  • While I do like China for being able to fight to the last man (or liberate Shanghai like I did once!) and be the little gnat that won’t go away, I think Italy is fun because they are the difference makers for the Axis.  I like having the pressure of rolling well on UK1 to set the tone for the Axis.  It’s that I1-3 that makes Germany giddy as a schoolgirl.  Without a successful Italy,  the UK run the show.

  • India should just be paired with britain

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    Just the best allied power to play as.
    Also, yeah India and Britain should be just one thing here.
    My group kept splitting London and India into two powers for our first couple of games until we realized we were playing wrong. Luckily we sort that out, as UK going against Italy then became a lot more easier.

  • I would say Germany is my favorite to play.

    So many options in the opening round(s).  Do you go for UK, US, Russia or Africa?  All are possible!

  • Germany. You get to go first and control how the game goes and you get the most action

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