• One thing I do while maintaining a german front is i buy transports, Aircraft carriers, and fighters, and once im able to i attack eastern canada, then i build a complex in it and kill america pretty quick… America doesn’t even think your attacking him, he thinks it will be used against UK, try it , it works!

  • Could you post on what turns you purchase and attack what? Sounds interesting, but have never seen it work.

  • How stupid can said American player be, if there’s Germans on Canada and they don’t take them out? :roll:

  • sorry, but only an idiot american player wouldnt try and kill the gremans in canada if they were there alone. if you could time it with a japanese assault on alaska & W/Can if you can split the US forces then you might stand a chance, but otherwise, youre doomed

  • yeah i never saw anyone do that and if germans were in canada then americans would surely attack it if they knew germany was attacking them or not.

    history is boring without war

  • i think he was talking about the computer version. AI kinda sux

  • even on computer, the americans arent that dumb. ive sent japan in several times and always get kicked out of canada. all i can ever hold for more than my turn is Alaska.

  • I agree this is something I’ve never seen in a RL game. Maybe vs. the comp but even then…

    Any invasion of North America proper with the exception of Alaska can be sniffed out pretty quickly. If the Germans are buying transports also that tells me they aren’t buying lots of inf, which means they aren’t worried about the Russians which means Russia is kaput which means the entire Allied game plan is pretty much kaput (economic victory usually follows caputre of Russia).

    As was said above this, if you can somehow get things going and time a joint Japanese/ German assault where it would split the American ability to defend, but even then you would have to have a lot of troops since they can pile up 7 INF/ turn with only W and E USA.

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