House Rules for East & West by Imp Games

  • Here is the latest revision (yet to be tested) of my house rule set for E&W.
    If anyone is familiar with the game and would like to test it, any feedback would be appreciated.
    New to east & west? Check the Imp Games website, or ask me here on in a PM! 🙂


    Round Zero

    Diplomacy -> shift China 1 step toward the USSR, or shift the other Neutral Alliances any combination of 2 steps towards the USSR
    Technology -> USSR gains 2 full-steps at Submarines, or a total of 2 half-steps at any other technology trees
    Counter-Intelligence -> the USSR may make 1 free attempt, which carries over to Round 1 if successful

    Purchase Units: (choose one of the following options)
    a) Spend up to 48 IPCs on naval units only. Any remaining IPCs cannot be saved for use in later rounds.
    b) Save 24 IPCs

    Combat Movement: (choose one of the following options)
    a) Conduct combat movement using infantry, armor, and heavy armor only
    b) Conduct combat movement using aircraft and naval units only

    Resolve Combat:
    The attack value of all aircraft and naval units is increased by 2, for Round Zero combat only.

    Non-Combat Movement:
    You may not move infantry, armor, or heavy armor in this phase.

    Place Units:
    Your Industrial Complexes can each produce 2 additional units, on Round Zero only.

    Collect Income:
    The USSR collects 48 IPCs at the end of Round Zero.


    This phase replaces the Spying and Technology phases of the turn.
    Each country can make a number of free Breakthrough rolls per turn, as follows:
    • USSR: 3
    • WE: 1
    • UK: 1
    • USA: 2

    Each country may also purchase a number of additional Breakthrough rolls up to double their number of free attempts, each round on the Breakthrough phase of their turn. Free Breakthroughs may be rolled before deciding to purchase additional Breakthroughs; you may also purchase and then roll extra Breakthroughs one at a time, up to your country’s maximum. Each additional breakthrough roll costs the same number of IPCs as an infantry; 2 for the USSR or 3 for NATO countries.

    On a Breakthrough roll of 1, you may choose to gain either a Diplomatic Breakthrough with a Neutral Alliance, or a full-step in any technology tree. On a Breakthrough roll of 2, you may choose to gain either a Diplomatic Breakthrough with a Minor Neutral, or a half-step in any technology tree. You cannot gain more than one full-step in each technology tree on a single Breakthrough phase; Neutral Alliances can be influenced a maximum 1 step on each Breakthrough phase.

    Faction-specific Breakthrough Rules:
    The USSR may make 1 free Counter-Intelligence roll during their Breakthrough phase; a roll of 1 or 2 foils a NATO Breakthrough roll of 1 or 2 (respectively) on that round only. The USSR may choose which Breakthrough roll to affect with their Counter-Intelligence roll, however successful rolls do not carry over to later rounds if saved and not used. The USSR may purchase up to 2 additional Counter-Intelligence rolls on their Breakthrough phase, for 2 IPCs each.

    When a NATO country uses a Breakthrough roll of 1 to gain a technology, they may choose to grant any other NATO countries (who are at the same point or lower down on that technology tree) a free half-step in that tree.

    Optional Rules:
    • NATO countries cannot gain the benefit of shared advancement in the Nuclear Weapons technology tree.
    • The USSR may influence China using a Breakthrough roll of 2.

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