• For Christmas I’m thinking about purchasing the game pack and some units. My father and I would enjoy this game. How long does a game usally last? How long does it take to mass good fleet by buying game packs?

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    This a game is a blast. A buddy introduced me to it this past June and I was hooked. Depending on the size of your battles, you can usually do a game in 1-2 hours. This was nice for me because it’s been harder and harder to log all day sessions for games but when I get a day here and there, intead of playing 1 board game, we play 4 or 5 WAS games.

    The first two sets, “Base Set” and “Task Force” are getting harder and harder to find but the other 4 sets, “Flank Speed”, “Condition Zebra” “Fleet Command” and Surface Action" are available still at decent prices. You can get a Starter set for $20-25 and boosters for $10-$15.

    Get it man, once you open that first booster, you’ll be hooked.  I recommend “Surface Action,” lots of carriers and battleships and the coveted “Shore Battery.”

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    It’s been awhile but I’d say under an hour and a half depending on fleet size (more points=more time.) How many packs you’ll need depends on how you’d define a good fleet. You’ll need a starter pack (since you’ll need the map and tokens) and probably three or four boosters to really get going. Alternatively you can hit eBay and look for lots or collections.

    It really depends on how much you want to spend on it. Collectible minis games are a black hole that sucks in money. If you don’t have to have the best Rares you can play fairly reasonably.

    Best course to me would be starter and two boosters. See how you like it. Then maybe another three or four boosters and then fill out with singles to tweak the fleets you like best out of what you’ve pulled. If you pull a good AC for instance, you could then go get the planes and additional escorts to compliment it as singles.

    Please note that I haven’t really played since the first set.

  • @ABWorsham:

    For Christmas I’m thinking about purchasing the same and some units. My father and I would enjoy this game. How long does a game usally last? How long does it take to mass good fleet by buying game packs?

    the game takes under an hour usually unless your playing +200pts. As for building up a fleet it depends how you play, if your playing axis vs allies then buying a case or so is going to give you a large fleet if your playing nation pure it takes alot longer buying boosters and buying singles on the internet is the way to go.

    The game is alot of fun I think you and your dad would enjoy it.

  • Do you guys mix up up axis and allied units into a fleet?

    Thanks for your imput.

  • We are pretty hardcore In our group we don’t even mix up the nations playing strict nation pure with minors, other people/groups mix certain nations like italy/germany uk/usn and others like it as red/axis vs blue/allies.  You could certainly play a mix vs a mix but i think you miss out on alot of the fun of playing factions and the historical context of the game.

  • I would find it difficult to mixed nations also.

    Has anyone recreated the Operation Pedestal convoy?

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    Never heard of that one.  We usually do nation only.  Sometimes we do only the minor nations (no IJN USN Commonwelth or Germany.). You can find some real gems that aren’t the popular nations.

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