Can Carrier air really move into SZ102 when U.S.A. is neutral?

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    This is an off-topic discussion from a different thread (it’s off-topic to that thread), so I’m splitting it off here:



    …one of my favorite nonsense rules, along with allowing the US player to put ships in SZ102 in the Atlantic where they serve no purpose that can’t be served by leaving them in SZ101.

    Au contraire, carrier based fighter/tacs in z102 can contribute mightily to sinking a German transport fleet after a round 3 sealion if Eireland and Scotland are available as possible landing spots for the bombers.  If planes die in battle you can even  NCM the carrier(s) out Panama to the new naval base you will build there and over to Hawaii in a hurry.  AND you can do this stunt even if Japan doesn’t declare war til round 3.

    The rulebook says: U.S. WARSHIPS, (my emphasis) not transports, may also conduct long-range patrols into sea zone 102.  Did a developer clarify that if you move a Carrier into SZ102, that the planes get to go with it?  usually when the rules refer to ships, they mean ships only and air units are treated separately.

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    yes  planes go with AC to 102

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    yes   planes go with AC to 102

    No offense, but are you just saying that or is there a rule somewhere that makes this explicit?

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    The reason I ask is that there is this rule: Carrier aircraft move independently of the Carrier on their own turn.  Thus, Carriers can not bring planes with them when they move to SZ102.

  • Yes, Carriers and aircraft move independently, but the rulebook just states, that warships may not move …! It states nowhere, that aircraft can’t move to any seazone. They are not allowed to land on any allied terretorry or aircraftcarrier, but they can of course fly ther and if there is a legal landing spot, land there. The planes are not restricted to not move into the atlantic, they (in most cases) can’t land and therefore can’t stay there.

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