Submarine combat movement question.

  • Something came up a few days ago while playing. I am assuming this answer will match all variations of the games.

    When you have a sub in a SZ Can an attacker come in to the SZ with destroyers and attack the subs with the destroyer, and pass through the SZ with subs ignoring the enemy subs. So you would attack the subs with one portion of your fleet and then pass through the SZ with the other portion of your fleet.

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    You’ll have to see the rulebook for the particular version you are playing. I’d say the sub rules are the most variable between all versions of the game.

    Typically any entrance into a SZ with enemy units of any type surface or sub will stop movement.

    Games that allow a submerge tactic for subs often allow enemy units to pass through the SZ if the sub is still submerged.

    Destroyers may or may not be required to attack subs.

    Again see the specific rulebook and specific FAQ for the game in question’s sub rules.

  • In all current forms of the game since AA Anniversary edition, subs (and transports) can not and do not ever block movement.  So if in your example you can attack a stack of subs with a stack of destroyers and other units are free to proceed through to another seazone, even though there will be combat in that seazone (destroyer on sub).

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