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Youtube music videos better or worse than the base music

  • Lacking cable and MTV,
    I recently spent some time on Youtube looking over music videos.

    A few of the selections were what I considered, much better than the original music.

    Others included concert shows , which I downgraded, considering them piggyback efforts that did not show creativity in the video medium.

    Youtube also listed links for other videos of the same artist, so I viewed them too, even if I never heard of that particular (maybe B side) song before.

    Some of the videos were surprisingly good, but then I replayed and fronted some other window, so it was music only.  The music in these cases was rarely worth radio airplay.

  • examples of videos w high quality music and radio airplay quality music.

    C + C Music factory

    Peter Gabriel


    Tina Turner  (2 from the Thunderdome soundtrack)

    Katy Perry

    Brittany Spears (3 of hers with the spy agent theme)

    Taylor Swift  (Never Ever getting back together, Eyes Open, You belong w me)

    Coldplay  (Paradise)

    REM  (Shiny Happy people, Radio Song)

  • examples of youtube music videos that were good when the music was not.

    Coldplay  (strawberry swing)

    Katy Perry

    Brittany Spears

    Taylor Swift

  • examples of poor videos when the music was good.

    Til Tuesday  (What about Love)

    The Police

    Sheena Easton  (Strut)

    Cheryl Crow  (There goes the Neighborhood)

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