Sealion in 2nd Edition

  • Looking for the best blueprint of a German Sealion invasion in 2nd Edition Global. This is all I have so far…… Any ideas?

    1st round purchuse = AC carrier + 2 Transports
    1st round attacks
    sz- 111
    sz- 110

    2nd round purchases = 10 Transports

  • Lots of demoralizing strat bombing G2

    Wait until J3 with Japan to attack, start pounding Russia up north with Japan maybe.

  • 2 subs to z106

  • '16 '15 '10

    You’ll need a dd G1 or G2 if you want to attack G3.

    Normandy G1 is not part of my Sealion plan, especially when you won’t be able to swing the 10 tt cause you’ll need to buy a dd.

    Think about Scotland landings on G2 and G3.  To do this safely, occasionally additional AC or dd purchases are necessary.

    Don’t stake everything on a G3 landing with less than 90% odds.  You can land Scotland and take it G4.

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