Need Help With Japs Plz

  • I am playing global with some friends and im new to this version.

    From what i understand you are supost to bid for Allis but we always bid axis because the Japs always get their butt kicked.

    Basically US builds a massive navy and sinks the Japs fleets and knocks her out of the game.

    I am use to the original where US builds a fleet in the Atlantic to fight the Germans

    I want to know how to keep the Japs in the game or weaken the US so bad she cant help in Europe.

  • there are like 3 basic plans,
    1 built 2 factories in mainland china, and build 3 mechs in each of them every turn, to overrun china and india from land while focusing on taking the money islands, building your fleet at you new factories in indochina.

    2. go for australia (dont know how this plan is carried out)

    3. india crush, build trannies turn 1, if china does not recapture, build airport and naval base in south china turn 2, while declaring war on india and france, puting boats in every terr between your trannies and calcutta, and taking and holding shan state, so your planes in south cina can land. turn 3 hitting calcutta with 7ish trannies + every plane you can find a landingspot for. you should be able to take india, prolly for less than 5 planes (have not done the math).

    4. major IC in korea, pumping 10 mechs to russia every turn, pulling out of china, helping germany as much as possible to get russia as soon as possible.

    some tings to know;
    -after you filled your carriers, subs is usually the best unit/ipc, both on attack and defence. As long as you are not in danger of him choosing not to bring his
    -dessies. second best unit per ipc is dessie.
    -carrier with ftrs is 3rd.
    -dont built tacs (you have enough), you dont lose on the fleet because you where unable to attack something, you lose it because it was not strong enough to stand up to your enemy.

    -keeping your carrier force split gives your planes better range.

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    I bumped it for you. 🙂

  • thx

  • @Kreuzfeld:

    2. go for australia (dont know how this plan is carried out)

    I’m pretty sure this is a late game tactic for a VC win (when Hawaii is too well defended).

    I wouldn’t plan an opening move around taking ANZAC first.

  • Japanese

  • TripleA

    I can post example games of Japan against full pacifc usa and doing very well, even in games not so well, it still holds on for a long time.

  • Revencher, what Kreuzfeld and Cow said is all true but you might find that some of those strategies are rather tricky.  India crush is very cool but its easy to screw it up.  You can do it, but its tricky.  Same goes for what to do after a J1 attack.  Again, its great but its tricky.  Going for ANZAC is the hardest of all and not really that great.

    The easiest option is probably to build an IC in Shantung, and take French Indo China then put an IC there J2.  Build mechs and use your air power to slug it out with India while pushing China back to Sikang or Kansu.  Never let China hold Yunnan and keep India as poor as possible by taking Malaya, Borneo, Kwangtung early (J1 or J2) and put subs off Calcutta.  Take the DEIs if its easy but don’t sink too much into defending them; just enjoy the money while it lasts.  If Siberians march West you can take Russian territories up North, but be prepared to kill those Mongols quick once you go into Amur.  Ultimate goal is Stalingrad and to keep UK Pacific from doing much in the middle East or Russia.  Late in the game you might use Japanese air power to SBR Moscow and maybe even load up your transports and sail your remaining fleet all the way to Cairo for the European win.

    A good way to keep America busy in the Pacific side is to build a carrier and maybe a sub and destroyer every turn.  For you a carrier is $16 (plus 2 planes you already have); for them its $36 (new carrier + 2 new planes).  You will eventually lose the arms race but the idea is to keep them spending on this side of the world and delay the allies opening up a second front in Europe.

  • TripleA

    I prefer to attack as Japan, that is just a preference.

  • When biding how much should you bid? what the ez to hard range? and i was told every 1 bids for allis right?

  • TripleA

    yes people bid towards the allies.

    the amount is up to you. some take it at 2-6 others are 6-8. Some don’t go below 10.

  • Someone suggested an inf for Anz on New Guinea (in another thread). It doesn’t sound like much, but you can get the Anz NO (Dutch New Guinea) w/o losing a transport. There are probably better places for bid units, but I thought that one was interesting. It wasn’t a game changer like adding fleet, or units to unbalance (or as some would say balance) the Med etc….

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