I'm sorry, but if Germany lands in UK period, it should bring the U.S. into war.

  • I hate how you can land up north, accumulate more troops or deke without it bringing the U.S. into war.

    Guess my question is, what would be the disadvantages of it happening?

  • So if Germany lands in Scotland, then USA could declare war land planes in London?

  • Well the earliest the Germans would realistically land on Scotland is G2, and considering J2 is a pretty typical DOW for them and the US follows suit I don’t know if it really makes a difference.

    Of course, if Japan is going to play a delay game and wait until J3 to take everything all at once this could screw them, but J1 and J2 are really better options for them (economically speaking).

    In effect, unless Japan is waiting until J3 to DOW it really does not make much of a difference anyways outside of a few US bombers

  • TripleA

    3-5 bombers flying to london can be the difference between sea lion success and sea lion fail. It changes the odds drastically. Because Germany has to roll 3 more hits to win… which means more 2s to roll for the defender which means more 4s to roll as the battle drags on.

    So yes sometimes Japan postpones war because of bomber purchases by USA.

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