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    We specifically ban battle calculators at the table. One, I feel it goes against the spirit of the game to sit there and plot out the computer simulations. Two, it adds a ton of time while people sit there and try to plot out the “optimal” attack running sim after sim until they get what they feel is the “perfect” outcome.

    I can understand the reasons for your rule but the downside is it will favor the more experienced players at the table who can do calculations in their head.

  • @Herr:

    I recently played a game that lasted for nearly 12 hours, and we had still only arrived at round 7 or so. We more or less agreed that the Allies would probably win, but we would have preferred to continue if time had allowed us to.

    So I thought that maybe we could have adjourned the game. Which leads me to a question: has anyone created playing aids for adjourning an A&A game? I’m thinking of a form containing a list of territories, sea zones, units, IPC’s and the like.

    we have an archive map shelf, where the single maps fit in, so we put it in and move it back out when we want to play again.

    I have seen systems where people use a flat panel, with 3 inches high edges, that way they can be stacked on to of eachother, while using limited space (can be stacked on top of a closet as an example). we also take pictures in case things fall appart

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    Thanks, yes, that would work. A friend of mine who has a big enough table that he can do without for a while has also offered to just leave the game standing. But while it’s the easiest option when adjourning the game, it does seem a bit inconvenient if the continuation doesn’t follow all that soon, or is even played elsewhere. So what I was thinking of, would be a list where you could easily mark what’s in each land or sea zone.

  • My turns usually take about 10 mins as axis, 2-3 mins as allies (not counting UK or late-game USA)(not counting die rolls. I find that making a few mistakes in a fast-paced game is more fun than making no mistakes in a game where you can take decent naps if it is not your turn.

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