Blackbeard dies fighting today in 1718\.

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    Today, the 22nd November, in 1718 the pirate Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard, was killed. He was born in Bristol and had probably  fought the French in Queen Anne’s War. In 1716 another pirate gave him a sloop and his career as a pirate really began. He captured a 40 gun ship: the Queen Ann’s Revenge, which he used to ravage the West Indies. He ran it aground and accepted a Royal Pardon soon after. He again turned to privateering and in June 1718 robbed 2 English vessels. He would steal at will and soon became too much of a pest, so the Governor of Virginia decided to act.
    Mr Robert Maynard, the experienced 1st officer on the Pearl,  was given the task of capturing him. He had to use small ships: the Ranger and Jane, as Blackbeard would anchor in shallow water at night. He found him on the evening if the 21st and rowed out to him in the morning as there was no wind.The Ranger was disabled by a broadside and fell behind. Maynard’s ship, the Jane, was also hit with a broadside, injuring 20, so he got his remaining men to hide below. Blackbeard thought all were dead, so boarded with 14 men(2/3 were ashore). Whereupon the 12 survivors rushed out and a hand to hand fight ensued. Blackbeard would have killed Maynard, but a crew member saved him. It is said he received 25 wounds before succumbing. Upon his death, his crew surrendered or dived in the water. All were later hanged. Blackbeard was decapitated and his head hung from Maynard’s ship.
    Maynard was rewarded financially and would later reach the rank of Captain.

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    Blackbeard was a hero!

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    I always liked pirates and I remember the scary picture of him in my Ladybird book of Pirates.
    Just found the name of his ship. Was the Adventure.
    In case you were wondering why Maynard did not shoot at the Adventure, seems they had no cannons on the 2 Sloops! Only small arms. The broadside the Adventure gave injured 20 on the Jane and 9 on the Ranger. Took one ship out of the battle straightaway. Excellent shooting! The English sailors’ discipline was better once boarded though.

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    A heck of story.  We talk about heroes and bravery now, everyone is a hero it seems.  No, going after a pirate in two small ships with no cannons so you could engage in hand to hand combat….THAT is brave and heroic.

    Great story witt

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