• HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!How far away is 60 again?
    the rails are a great way to travel ( no aiport crap!) you can walk around, the obsvation car the bar car, and the dinning car. I’ve taken the train to Edmonton Alb twice and down to Texas twice.
    Tall Paul if Toronto is too far there is always Indianapolis, I’m thinking I want to go to two events this year, Toronto and Indianapolis,one small one big

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    My forte is House rules, variants, and maps. I would not make a good judge for OOB rules because we seldom play with them except for classic MB AA.
    **––OK, that’s cool. I’ve just always been impressed by your gaming background and understanding of “HOW” all of the rules were interelated to each other.

    You could probably Skype Kreighund if you contact him or one of his ‘appointed’ rules lawyers.
    ––A great suggestion, Thanks. I’ll remember that when we get further along. As I said before, it will take AT LEAST a year to find/buy the land and build the building. All of that is after a “temporary” hold-up is taken care of.

    Thanks for the suggestions IL. Maybe you could help out in an advisory capacity.

    “Tall Paul”**

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    Most Holy,


    @Tall Paul. I’ve only been to the FMGC and do not have extensive experience at gaming cons but for the first year I’d suggest playing it by ear. Suggesting attendees bring their games and maybe provide what you have in the way of games but not worry too much about having tourneys and judges and stuff. I can assure you that all of us that were at FMGC had a great time and no tourneys were played. Just a bunch of A&A junkies having fun.

    ––I guess I didn’t say it but I was planning on several “get-togethers” before hosting any large “event” but you make a valid point, Thanks.
    ----My thoughts on “Rules Judges” was simply to keep the discussions/arguments/punches thrown to a minumum(Grin).
    ----I’m an “organizer type” of guy. Like with an annual photo contest I organized for another RR museum. I had rounded-up sponsers for winning pics, door prizes, guest VIP speakers, etc., etc. I already have thousands of ideas, hopefully at least a few of them will really be cool. The only objective is FUN (and DEATH to my opponent!), haha.
    ----“Just a few A&A junkies having fun” always sounds GREAT to me!

    “Tall Paul”

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