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    I know IL have some hex based maps on his advanced axis and allies website. Does anyone ever tried to  make a similar game? Im under way on making a Eastfront and Mediiterrean game using all the A&A minis.

  • You mean like this?

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    Did you make this game yourself?

  • Yes.  It’s a geomorphic gameboard.  This allows you to experiment with both fictional and history based battles.  When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the Helen of Toy game advertisements in the back of old comic books……especially, Task Force.  I dreamed of what that game would be like and later, in junior high school, I began to develop what would eventually become this game.  It’s inspired by the art in those old ads, influenced by the classic Gamemaster Series and ultimately finalized by my own style with a focus on playability, strategy and the most crucial element of any game…FUN. Â

  • @pacific-war Hi, I just read this old post, but liked so much your game and design, can you share the files to make my own? Also, did you make something similar (hex-based and geomorphic) but for land battles (green forest and plains)?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @stevan_avalon Asking the same question. Reminds me of World Conqueror and the hundreds of games just like it. A&A rules would be very cool and yes i have seen people make hex-based maps for A&A before 😳 😁 it was on Reddit one time and it was beautiful

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