Best response to a determined Sea Lion

  • TripleA

    See you really don’t need much europe presence.

    As long as the 10 undefended transports, die you are good. Germany you don’t have to worry about his VC win until he can somehow push on 2 of russia, volgograd, and egypt. Also germany don’t have any naval to threaten you.

    You should take care of japan.  I mean you just want naval in the europe half to keep Italy from growing big, that is it.

    liberating uk is kinda pointless if it is a broke back country. I rather shut japan down permanently so I don’t have to worry about it, ever.

    So yeah round 2 and 3 you should produce 3 naval on west usa. Get a grab bag of stuff for atlantic (anything but cruisers and battleships).

    After I see sea lion on G2. I like to get 3 subs on west usa until at war. Then I shut down pacific first. The naval in the atlantic is just to keep germany from messing with you.

    The 50/50 split is also a good option as well. You technically just have to match Japan’s income and add a sub, eventually you screw japan over.

  • The allies can always make sealion next to impossible if they really set their mind to it (UK build infantry, no Taranto, bring ships home, get Canadians, prepare US airstrike).  If they do everything in their power to make it costly and Germany still goes for it, then Germany will be in bad shape after the sealion “victory”.  In that case, losing London is bad but not necessarily a total disaster.  Suppose the opponents don’t really like playing Japan and they’re not very good at it.  As long as USA, USSR and remnant of UK can hold the line against germany, the axis are placed in the crummy position of having to win as Japan.  In that case, it might actually be preferable to intentionally allow a (costly) sealion in order to put the onus on Japan.  If its a team game and the guy playing Germany is more skilled than the guy playing Japan, then coaxing them into a costly sealion might work out OK for the allies.

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