How do Anti-Aircraft guns fight?

  • The instructions contain a single sentence on anti-aircraft guns on page 33 “AA guns can defend against air units only on a 2 or less for the first round of combat.”  I read this to mean AA guns act like regular units and each AA gun rolls a single D12 during combat.  The AA gun only rolls the first round of combat.  If the AA gun hits, the defender must select an aircraft as casualty.  Is this correct?

  • Yea, I guess they could have gone into more detail. Its old school, but works well. Only one AA gun can fire per territory, it fires only once, and at at all air units attacking. They fire first, so any air casualties don’t return fire (they’re removed). AA guns can’t be used as a causality or captured either. They are removed if territory is captured (see pg11 general combat 1/2 way down). AA only moves in NCM (I’m assuming because all movement in combat phase results in combat). They can also be targeted in an SBR attack (pg9- not sure if I like that or not).

    Also see Early Warning Radar for London (pg19, and on the UK set-up sheet). AA in London get +2 (fire at 4), when def the territory or from SBR.

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    Currently (rules v5.1) the AA gun unit works more or less like the original G40 unit. It rolls one die PER ENEMY AIRCRAFT only in the first round of combat. Only one AA unit per territory can fire in general combat. Facility AA is handled separately in SBR attacks. Roll for each specific enemy aircraft, not just all at once.

    Example: Enemy attacks with 2 fighters, 3 tacs, and 2 strat bombers. Roll 2 dice, then 3 dice, then 2 dice. Hits are scored on the actual unit rolled against. So if you roll one hit in each group above, you would shoot down 1 fighter, 1 tac, and 1 strat instead of 3 hits the attacker chooses.

    Sorry this was not clarified better in the rules. It will be added to the next update! Thanks again Wild Bill for your help.

  • Oh yea, forgot about rolling each air unit type separate.

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