Axis and Allies D12 system rules

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    Axis and Allies D12 system rules:
    The purpose of this is to integrate the new pieces from HBG as well as new sculpts from AA41 and AA42.2.  The goal is to fit all the pieces creating unique values into Axis and Allies games.
    I had considered using different unit values by nation, but this proved too difficult. The utility of using D12 allows many new units each having unique characteristics.

    Note most OOB units are double attack and defensive values: (Attack-Defense-Movement-Cost)

    Infantry: 2-4-1-3
    Artillery: 4-4-1-4
    Mechanized Infantry:
    Armor: 6-6-2-6
    (Note: these are considered mid-war tank design and can’t be built till turn 3)
    Fighter: 6-8-4-10
    Tactical Bomber: 6-6-4-11
    Strategic Bomber: 8-2-6-12
    Battleship: 8-8-2-20
    Cruiser: 6-6-2-12
    Destroyer: 4-4-2-8
    Submarine: 4-2-2-6
    Carrier: 0-2-2-16
    Transport: 0-0-2-7

    New WOTC sculpts:
    Note: These cannot be built as early as turn 3

    Heavy Artillery: These are a 6-4-1-5 unit and have a special feature. If they roll a one result in combat, the defender must select an air or non-infantry land unit as a combat loss.
    Late War Tanks: These are 8-8-2-8 units and can blitz like other tanks. In all other respects these perform as tanks. These tanks can be built as early as turn 6.

    Battle-cruisers:  These are 7-6-2-16 units and like Battleships they take two hits. They also bombard at 3.
    Super Carriers:  These are 2-4-2-18 units that carry 3 planes. They also take two hits, but the first hit does not affect their ability to launch or land fighters.
    Destroyer Escorts: These are specialized units to protect convoys. They have a movement of 3 spaces or four if leaving a naval base. These are 4-2-3-10 units and have the same abilities as a destroyer, except as long as you have at least one Destroyer escort, all transports in the same sea zone as the destroyer escort defend at 1.
    Heavy Transport: These perform just like Transports, except they carry three Infantry or two armor type units. These are 0-0-2-12 units.
    Advanced Submarine Design:  These are 4-2-2-8 units and have special abilities. They can avoid combat with destroyers or destroyer escorts at a 1:1 basis. If you got for example 2 of these subs and you enter a sea zone with 1 destroyer escort or destroyer, they can avoid combat and  pass thru into the next sea zone. If for example you have 2 of these units and get attacked by at least 3 destroyers, combat is performed in the normal fashion. If at any time the destroyer count is equal to the submarine count, the advanced submarines can submerge immediately.

    Medium Bomber: These are 6-2-6-9 units and have a number of new features. They can  perform SBR like any other Bomber, but are the only units that can  pick up Paratroopers
    Advanced Fighter design:  These are 8-8-4-14 units. The key feature is their ability to be used somewhat differently in SBR. In these actions they get a +1 in combat as escorts or as interceptors.

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