Can Communist China fight the Japanese?

  • The 5.1 rules state “Communist China may attack at the same time as Russia as long as both powers are at war with the Axis power to be attacked.”  Does this mean Communist China may not attack the Japanese unless Russia is at war with Japan?

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    That is correct.

  • Coach, sorry to intrude but it is my understanding that Communist China starts the game at war w/Japan. It says so in the first sentence (pg29 of 5.1 rules #9 Communist China). So Russia doesn’t have to be at war w/Japan for the Chinese Communist (CC) to attack the Japanese.

    In order for the Russians to engage in the same attack the Soviets would need to declare war on Japan (or already be at war w/Japan).

  • It seems one vote for and one vote against.  There is no doubt the Communist Chinese (CC) start at war with Japan.  But are their units allowed to actually attack Japan?  The sentence in the rules “Communist China may attack at the same time as Russia as long as both powers are at war with the axis power to be attacked” can be interpreted three ways:

    1. Being at war with Japan may imply that the CC may also attack the Japanese not at the same time as Russia.  But then the CC move at the same time as Russia, so it seems difficult to have a temporal difference in the attack times.
    2. The CC may attack the SAME TERRITORY in coordination with the Russians if they are both at war with the same enemy.  This seems the most likely INTENT to me, but is not what is actually written.
    3. The CC may only attack a territory other than the National Chinese if Russia is at war with the power.

    Which is correct?  (Or is it option #4 that I didn’t think of!)

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    Sorry guys, Coach misread the question! I talked it over with him today. Wild Bill, as usual, you are correct on this one too. The advantage to having Russia at war with Japan is they can combine their attack with the Communist Chinese. The CC can indeed attack Japan from turn 1. China can’t afford to wait for anything if they are going to slow down the Japanese!

    Thanks guys. Please keep the questions coming. This is great stuff!

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