• Okay I am kinda new and have some questions. I see that it say that some of Africa is british Occupied. Do you then place one of those little britian chips on them? The same for Brazil and the U.S. Oh and what is the Shuck-Shuck startegy for U.S.? i don’t know. And what does BB stab=nd for? Thank-you very much for you help.

  • No you don’t need to put the little chips on them. I have no Idea. bb Stands for Bomber.

  • Generally… BB should stand for battleship but not bomber.
    About “shuck shuck”, you can use the search engine provided in this webpage for the information you want.

  • you only have to put a chip if you capture a new territory that didnt belong to you at the beginning of the game. And BB is battleship, bmb in for bomber

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    I believe the shuck-shuck strategy is when the U.S. continues to send transports, infantry, armor, fighters, ect. to Britain for the eventual invasion of Germany. However, I may be wrong. If so, can someone please correct me and inform us on what it is. Thanks, hope this helps MK :D.

  • http://axisandallies.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1921

    This is a link for the shuck-shuck strategy. Hope it helps. 🙂

  • I suppose this is as good a place as any to discuss africa/brazil strategy so…

    whilst several good strategies for Germany and the UK and USA exist for North Africa, how about the South?

    and what of Brazil?

    I played a game recently where, for a number of reasons, North Africa became a empty mess as UK and German troops wiped each other out, and the North Atlantic was too contested for a US assault on Africa, so it came to pass that a japanese inf sailed on a transport round south africa capturing territories as it went, eventually landing in Brazil.

    This didn’t really go anywhere as Russia collapsed and an economic victory was declared for the Axis soon after, but I was wondering if anything similar had happened to anyone else, and if it went anywhere?

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    yes that can happen(Brazil)… My first game I played as Germany (my brother playing Japan) we expected them to do all out Germany like Don says… Yeah Right! They had owned the game for 10 years but they didn’t play it too often, and the brothers we played against do the same thing: Japan! not all out but that is who they focus on… we tried Brazil and failed terribly and on turn 3 Germany falled to the communists… they all thought to themselves how terrible we were but next game we played allies and mashed 'em! (mischevious smile) enough with rambling though… my point is you can do it, but don’t get focused on it… it can cost the game especially if they take the measures to stop it… otherwise it is the greatest scare tactic I’ve seen played out…


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    I think a small force of one or two infantry on a transport sailing around Africa and Brazil is a great Idea. Especialy when you are getting close to the magic 84. Just SAF and Brazil is 5 RPs.

  • I’m of the opinion that a US IC in Brazil can help out if Africa is getting too Hairy!

  • @sherman28:

    I’m of the opinion that a US IC in Brazil can help out if Africa is getting too Hairy!

    Why would you buy an IC for Brazil w/the US? Africa can be reached from EUS …. so, there is no need to waste 15 ipcs on an IC for Brazil – use those ipcs for a couple of extra transports (dedicated specifically for African troops).

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    My thoughts exactly. 😉

  • A Brazil IC makes fora nice target for Japan. So, not only do you waste IPCs buying it, you have to waste IPCs defending it. Not to mention if Germany is strong in Africa, which is likely given that the US wasted time/IPCs building the IC, Germany can reach it with a bomber forcing the US to build an AA or face free bombing runs.

    It’s a load of disadvantages for the ability for slighty quicker transport to the southern part of Africa. All in all its a good build only if you can 1) Hold it and 2) Happen to be playing as Japan.

  • German bomber (s) from West Europe can also reach transports bulit in EUS SZ-

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    Yes but you can usualy bring the Battle Ship from WUS sz to EUS sz in time to stop the bombers from risking it. Not to mention building an AC if you feel its nessacery.

  • I think Brazil is a location suited only to the Japanese trying for an economic victory, and at that it is something that can sort of be smelled out in advance by the Americans.

    I am on the side of those who argue that the EUsa can and should be the embarkation point for those forces going to work in Africa. Brazil is something of a secondary point; it’s real value is realized when the Axis take it, but this can easily be countered by the US sending a few INF down there.

    Rather than mess around with Brazil, I would advise the US player to simply get transports and then once enough of them are built get a few escort vessels to forestall any air attacks on your convoys and hit Africa from East USA.

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