A&A Spring 1942 challenge setups?

  • Hello all,
    I just decided to make this account to ask these questions:

    I get together with my dad, my cousins, my uncle and myself every year on vacation, and we play A&A Spring 1942. Honestly, myself and my uncle are better players than my cousins and my dad. I was thinking that it might be fun if we can get a “challenge” setup. Does anyone have any different setups that might give a large advantage to the allies? It would be more fun for myself and my uncle to team up, because we always play on opposite sides.

    Also, does anyone have any extra rules we can add to limit the time games take? We added a timer, and a max time limit of 2 hours to our last game, and it worked out very well.

    Also, these have to be for the Spring 1942 version. (Not sure what edition, think its second.)

    Thank you for any help 😉

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