• I was wondering, since most of my family doesn’t play this game, I heard u could play by E-mail or on these forums. I just don’t get how its possilbe with dice rolling and other thing. Could someone explain so I can start playing? by the way, I’m a student so i could only play Fridays and Saturdays and night time on some days if anyone is interested. By the way, I’m Kevin and I am new to this game so any help is appreciative! Thanks!

  • This web site takes care of all the rolling for both the sides:


    You simply plug in your e-mail address and your opponents. Next, you plug in the territory you’re attacking, your units and your opponent’s units. Then, Dicey rolls for you and e-mails the results for each round to both you and your opponent – simultaneously. You way to cheat.

    You will also need to download MapView and the A&A module for it.

    Here is the link for MapView:


    This is the A&A module for MapView (which you will need too):


    This should get you started!

  • Thanks a lot, i do not know how to use map view, do i have to register it to play? can i play against computer too? how do i use it. Thank-You!

  • No … you don’t have to register – just download it and play. You can’t play against the computer – only other people. I suggest that you download everything first and then review everything. After that, ask what questions you still have.

  • Don’t forget about the premier PBEM clubs: AAMC and IAAPA. AAMC is free and IAAPA charges a minimal fee. Both clubs have their own dice rollers (AAMC’s is provided above) and very experienced players. If you are interested in finding out how you rank against good PBEM A&A players, I would recommend checking out these clubs. The good thing about these clubs is that you can play against an opponent of any desired skill level.

    AAMC: http://www.aamc.net/

    IAAPA: http://www.axisandallies.net/

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