• Here’s an idea. How about playing the turns in reverse order, US first/Russia last. It would certainly change things around. It might even be a good alternative to RR.


  • My first reaction was that that’s a terrible idea, but I reconsidered: it’s been so long since I played that I might be missing something. On second thought, I see you could get the US factory in Sinkiang up if you decided to do that, at least. There’s probably some other things I’m not seeing too.

  • I think this would make the US to STRONG. US could easily hold-on to Asia with just a little help from RUS & UK. Or the US could move to defend IND – thus, allowing UK to build a turn 1 IC. Plus, JAP wouldn’t be able to Pearl – thus, the US could either pull it’s entire fleet to the Atlantic or easily build up a fleet to destroy the entire JAP fleet within a couple of turns.

    It would also allow UK to sink the GER navy and perhaps take out most of the GER Afrika Corps. The UK navy would also be to powerful with just it’s first round purchases. Though GER could easily take KAR, GER would be screwed relatively soon – with the shuck-shuck already established in turn 1.

    With this said – the Allies would have an even GREATER advantage in the game.

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    not necessarily… the US still has to hold Ssainking with something so maybe it would only give the Amricans 1 inf in China… it’s different that is for sure :wink:

  • Precisely – the whole point is for an IC in SIN or IND (not CHI). The US can give Japan CHI … and retake it later. The key is being able to move the fighter and 1 infantry out of CHI.

  • i have to agree with mistabiggs, the US would be to powerful, plus they are last because of the fact they had to completely rearm them selves.

  • While I agree that the US position is improved. The UK Asian position and the Russian position overall is worsened. The US can spare its fighter in China, but what about the UK fighter in India, it looks like an easy kill for Japan without US aid?

    The Japanese could take Yakut and SFE on turn 1. Germany could take Karelia on turn 1. That leaves Russia at 17 IPCs if she takes nothing back. The Allies need to send resources to help Russia immediately, or Moscow will fall (not completely historically inaccurate). This fact I believe tempers the advantages gained by the U.S. going first.

    Also UK attacks on the German fleet will not be overly productive as they will force the UK fleets away from the UK seazone, this means any naval units built by the UK turn 1 (AC?) will have no protection from the Luftwaffe. If German subs escape, they could move into the UK seazone blocking US transports on US2 from reaching Finland. Also a UK AC on turn 1 can not receive US fighters for defense before a German airstrike can be made.

    Just some thoughts. If I ever get enough free time I would love to playtest this scenario with a PBEM game.


  • You are correct about the UK 1 ac situation; however, a US 1 ac for EUSSZ is the way to go … UK can land it’s 2 ftr on the ac b/f GER 1 (if not used anywhere else – but, it really isn’t required). This allows UK to purchase an IC for IND on UK 1. The shuck-shuck is instantly established and more than likely most of the GER fleet is destroyed (if not the entire fleet) before GER 1. Also, RUS still has it’s sub and trn to move to the UKSZ and/or attack any left-over GER naval vessels.

    Yes GER could EASILY take KAR, but it is also possible for UK to take FIN on UK 1 (2 ftr, 1 bmb, 1 arm, 2 inf and 1 bb bombardment). Or better yet … UK could possibly take WEU on UK 1. It could use both bb’s to bombard WEU. OUCH!!

  • This variant makes the US too powerful - I agree with MistaBiggs. USA gets a factory on China, Japan doesn’t have enough to capture the territory. :cry:

    Although, this would enable Japan to attack eastern Soviet territories without being attacked by Russia first. Also, this gives Germany a shot at attacking Leningrad with ALL of its airplanes and tanks/infantry within range, and with great luck of the dice, possibly capturing it before Russia has a chance to strike Scandinavia with its planes and tanks. :D

  • I finally got around to playing the original A&A and tired the reverse order. Its not that bad, i thought it worked pretty well, the axis are in a better position, except that britan can wipe out the german fleet before germany can even use its. its very interesting, needs some work but i recommend everyone to try it

  • If anyone would like to try out this variant … I’d LOVE to play with the Allies!

  • Well you could have everyone roll a D6 and the highest one gets to move first that would make it hard to plan out the game for everyone.

    Or you could take the number of battle victories that turn and use that as a basis of who goes first. The country that has the most victories has the combat initative and then gets to go first. In cases of a tie use the current IPC value to determine the tie-breaker.

    Just a few thoughts.

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