• My board and rules do not allow the long range attack and occupation of West Canada by fighters and a bomber including landing there in one turn. How about yours?

    Lots of the recommendations conflicted withone another, would say what the opponent would most likely do, would rattle off a move or moves as if the opponent had done nothing, or make moves as if no units had been lost to the opponent. Get real!

    Another problem was the suggested rule change of allowing a one sea zone island and island to count as one move. E.g. Japan - so that a plane flying from Japan to Manchuria “could do it in one move {or space} rather than two”(approximately what was stated).

  • First off, if you want to fly a plane from Japan to Manchuria, and back it only costs 3 movement spaces. It goes like this:

    Fly from Japan to Japaneese SZ, 1 movement
    Fly from Japaneese SZ to Manchuria, 1 movement
    Fly from Manchuria to Japaneese SZ, 1 movement

    Landing doesnt count. You can still land on the fourth.

  • Well! I guess I just answered the other part of my ? with my own mistake in the e-mail. Dagumit! I gotta wake up.

    However, don’t you review the submissions to your “STRATEGY” webpage

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