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    ––Bingo! It took longer than I thought for someone to bring up the F-4U Corsair.

    ----I would consider the F-4U Corsair as my all-around favorite aircraft considering many variables.

    Looks–------A truly awesome looking streamlined a/c with gull wings.
    Power-------One of the most powerful engines.
    Speed-------One of the fastest a/c. Especially the later model.
    Ruggedness–Anyone having read about them knows this.
    Dogfighting–Just ask the Aces in Marine VMF-214 “Black Sheep” and US Navy “Jolly Rogers” squadrons.
    Versatility—Ended up being a carrier as well as a land-based fighter and fighter/bomber.
    Multi-Role—Fantastic as a pure fighter, and deadly as a fighter/bomber. It’s radial engine allowed it to be a ground attack a/c. They tried using the wonderful P-51 Mustangs in the ground attack mode in Korea until they lost so many of them due to damage to their liquid(glycol) cooling systems. And the Corsair’s powerful engine allowed it to tote a respectable load for bombing, including rockets.
    Production–If I remember correctly it was the only WWII fighter picked to continue in production after the war. The A-4D Skyraider doesn’t count here. � 
    ----The Japanese called it “Whistling Death” for the sound the air made ‘whistling’ through it’s radiators. Now that’s an Awesome Name!

    Can I get an AMEN!!!

    “Tall Paul”

    Also the F4U2 version carried radar in the starboard wing and was used as a night fighter.

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    And what about 4 20mm cannons!

  • Post 9,  the F4U the best air cooled fighter
    It would be an awsome toy to own

  • My vote goes to the Arado AR-234, the first jet bomber: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arado_Ar_234

    A close second is the ME-262.

  • ME 262

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