• Hi, this is my first forum post on here so please forgive noob mistakes! Any way I have played about 3 or 4 games of Axis and Allies: Spring 1942 1st Edition and each time I have been either Germany or all the Axis. Each game I mess up usually in the north and south by not deploying my baltic fleet to lock the north Atlantic and do next to nothing in North Africa too.

    I am asking for advice for when and where to deploy my Baltic Fleet in SZ5. Do I send the subs and keep the DD as a protector for my transport? Which seazone should I put the subs? I usually build land on G1 so should I buy a sub or 2 on G2?

    Also what should I do about the Mediterrainian? Should I use fighters, the sub in SZ 8 and the BB in SZ14 to knock out the British Med Fleet, and then place land units in Libya? When and what should I attack Egypt with?

    I hope I was clear enough if not please ask for more clarity and I will try to help. And I hope I will be able to recieve some help soon. Thanks!

  • You will read multiple ways probably in the threads to do G1.  I don’t usually attack the BB, because in this version, the axis already have the advantage. The axis don’t necessarily need Africa, but it definitely helps.  My G1 is usually 1SS, 5inf, 2art, 2tanks or 1SS, 1 Bomber, 6 inf, 1 art.  Japan being uber aggressive on Asia is the key here along with killing the EUS fleet.  It’s a CA vs SS, but the benefit is that the US is out of the Atlantic ASAP.  The question on what to attack comes down to what did Russia leave you with?  If Ukraine is dead, than your Egypt attack becomes a bit more hard (and if they decided to reinforce Egypt with a FTR). 
    Typical targets for me on G1 if Egypt looks out of reach: (I don’t have my board in front of me so it’s not uber specific)
    Attack UK Med CA with BB
    Attack EUS with SS
    Hit the Russians back in Ukraine, take Karelia.
    Make Norway inviting (use it to invade Karelia)
    Disperse the Baltic fleet (spread them), fortify France with FTRs (ensure you get 1 back to Germany to protect from IB). 
    Hit the Med DD with a FTR/Bomber if you can spare them.
    I like giving the Brits bait to attack multiple units.

    If Egypt was not reinforced, and Ukraine lives, annihalate those Brits on G1 using Ukraine FTR and bomber with all possible land units.  But ensure you use the SS to take out the EUS fleet (or at least try).  Getting your planes to France along with buying a SS will help establish Atlantic dominance on G1.

    There are other ways to do this like I said, but I like Japan doing the slaughtering with Germany establishing Atlantic dominance to conquer Russia.

  • Usually my friends take WRus and just reinforce the line that is Karliea, WRus and Ukraine. I usually take Karelia with East Europe but I will consider using Norway.

    Do I not Attack Egypt on G1? Or soften them up with the bomber and fighter?

  • Most people would do it regardless if Ukraine fell or not, but if Ukraine’s FTR is still alive, use the BB to take out the DD, and take the bomber, Ukraine FTR, Libya units and two from Italy.  I don’t have my board, but I think its a tank/inf from Libya, and an inf/tank from Italy, so you have 2(1s), 3(3s), 1(4) vs and inf/tank/FTR (2/3/4)? This is why they may also put the Russian FTR in Egypt to give it that extra 4.  If you lost the FTR in Ukraine AND the Russian FTR is in Egypt, forget about Egypt G1.  Focus on destroying the CA and even the DD (BB for the CA, FTR/Bomber for the DD).  Load up in Libya on G1. The UK FTR and Russian FTR should retreat.

    Be wary of one thing.  In an attempt to gain supreme dominance in the Atlantic, I get into a game of toying with the Russians.  Instead of loading my fronts, I actually pull back (I think in E.Europe), and offer bait to the Russians and see if they will land grab all the territories.  This sucks at first because it slows down Germany economy and gives the Russians money, but by spreading thin their lines, you can pour all your troops into one direction (north via Karelia/Archangel or south via Ukrain/Caucus) while Japan comes from behind via China and/or India.

    It’s a trial an error thing.

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