Star Wars Lives!

  • Now that George Lucas has thoroughly destroyed my beloved Star Wars with his accursed prequels and special editions, I thought all hope was lost.

    Disney announced today they had bought Lucasfilm and are planning three more Star Wars movies, numbered 7, 8, and 9.

    One can only dream of the possibilities.  Might we see the original, untouched Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray?  Might we see Mark Hammil and Harrison Ford in the new trilogy?  Can they make up for these past 13 years of torment with three awesome new movies?

    Your thoughts, please.

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    I hoped too that George might give it a chance to finish up the Star Wars Saga with 7,8, and 9 but now I don´t know if I wanna even see it because of the long time period in between.
    I also hoped He would make a movie especially about Boba Fett or the bounty Hunters, but instead he chhanged the whole Fett story and thereby also influenced the continuation of Star Wars.  😞

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    As long as the new movies don’t have cartoon mice, genies or mermaids, I don’t think Disney could do any worse than the last 3 movies. It makes me sad that every time I see Darth Vader now I can’t help but picture that annoying f’in kid.

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    I don’t think we’ll see the original version of Episodes IV, V, and VI on Blu-ray. I think they basically destroyed the prints creating the special editions. I hope to see it but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    As to the continuation of the story left off in Return of the Jedi who knows what we’ll see. They’ve told over 40 years worth of tales post Jedi in novels and so on with pretty consistent continuity with only one major retcon from the Clone Wars series.

    Nothing to do but wait and see.

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    My first reaction was, oh crap

    The Star Wars legacy was tarnished by Lucas himself in the 2000s and I predict will now be bastardized by Disney. Movie sagas are often ruined by the driving for more profits (and more films). Disney cannot seem to help themselves in this regard and will inevitably bring about the ruin of Star Wars; making the 1970s and 80s but a nostalgic memory of the good old days.

    So really this topic should be: Star Wars is Dead!

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    yeah I can allready imagine, first you see the disney castle in space and then a giant stardestroyer wich looks like a carboniced Lightning Mc Queen and instaed of the roaming swoosh sound of the spaceship ,all you will hear is: I´m Speed, i´m Speed…

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    Seriously… Disney has made some very good films, but how many of those were followed by multiple sequels which were not nearly as good or inspired, only because they knew it would rake in more cash? Look at this list, it is disgusting:

    That list doesn’t even have Pirates of the Caribbean, which got progressively worse after the first film. God only knows what Disney will do to Marvel Superhero films, let alone Star Wars.

  • Oh my God.  Here go again.  Barf.

  • 1. Will they follow any of the story lines of the books or go with their own?

    2.  Will they assure us no Jar-Jar like character in these movies?

    3.  Will they talk about how the Empire/Republic is 16,000,000,000,000 dollars in debt due to building two Death Stars?

    4.  Will this lead to a new Star Wars:Battlefront game?  (please say yes!)

    5.  Will Star Wars finally have black people in the movies? (besides the 1 token in each flick?).  I think George Lucas is racist!

  • @Mallery29:

    3.  Will they talk about how the Empire/Republic is 16,000,000,000,000 dollars in debt due to building two Death Stars?

    LOL maybe if they build a 3rd death star they will think again about putting a Huge exhaust port…

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    Sam Worthington for the role as Han Solo and Halle Berry as Princess Leia would be nice.
    Unless somebody likes to see Lindsay Lohan for the role of the princess…

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    What was the name of that lizard looking bounty hunter…

    Dog the bounty hunter?

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    What was the name of that lizard looking bounty hunter from ‘Empire?’


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    5.  Will Star Wars finally have black people in the movies? (besides the 1 token in each flick?).  I think George Lucas is racist!

    You know what? I’m going to say it.

    Let’s hope not.

    I’ve heard that in ALL of the old movies, every single stormtrooper was black, to the point that they thought only blacks would come to see the movie in the theatre. I mean even Darth Vader was BLACK.

    How about they cast, whoever they want to cast, for whatever characters they want to introduce and NOT worry about multicultural quota’s.

    I mean, where was the cry for putting asian or white people on the fresh prince of Belair?  That’s right - there wasn’t.

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    Yeah, the thing about pushing social agendas of any kind is that sooner or later people see how fake it is and become reactionary against it. So, in a sense I do very much agree. They should cast the best actors for the roles they create. I think everyone can agree on that, no?

    Speaking of black guys in Star Wars though, Lando was one of my favorite characters; Billy Dee Williams being perfect for the role. Mace Windu was a very good character, who could have had a bigger role for sure. Again, Samuel Jackson was a good pick.

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    Oh the torture. I just watched Star Wars 3 to see if it was really as bad as I first remembered it. It was utter torture. Did any one walk out the theater with these movies?

    As I just posted elsewhere… I really looked forward to, and liked, Revenge of the Sith.

    Most of the time it had the feel of a children’s movie, and had some poor acting, and overuse of CGI… however, I still really liked it. It is probably my favorite overall of the prequel films.

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    Oh… well, I didn’t expect or want an apology. You not liking it or not does not matter to me. And like I said, I recognize its many flaws. For the record, I do like Empire Strikes Back, but I thought it was possibly the worst of the original trilogy. But that is just me.

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    oh nick nack, here is my last offer!

    Billy Zane as Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Shia Lebouf as Jacen Solo
    Gerlad Butler as Han
    Peno Cruz as Leia
    and we put Mark Hamilton back into timemachine hey…
    please let us not forget, Michael Pena as Boba Fett
    Oh you unsatisfied peoples… :lol: :lol: :lol: 8-)

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    Upps I mixed ´em up, my bad… 😄 😄

  • Who wins a duel to the death between Darth Maul and Count Dooku?

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    The British.

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    Who wins a duel to the death between Darth Maul and Count Dooku?

    It is not the Problem to defeat Darth Maul, it is mere the Problem to stop that he is getting reduplicated each time he dies…

  • Dude, I fell in the floor laughing at your last comment.

    I agree with you, however the Clone War Series has sparked my interest since he emerged from that trash dump.

  • I hope Disney remakes the entire first trilogy.

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