What is the best 20$ naval buy for A+3 in your opinion

  • Lots of variables…what country, do you have navy on the board,and what does your opponent have out on the board?
    Lets hear what you think

  • Depends on circumstances but the best deal by far is 2 subs, 1 destroyer.  Attack punch is 2+2+2=6; defense is 1+1+2=4, and you get 3 hits.  Plus you get the obvious advantage of being able to send the 3 ships to 3 different places and do 3 different things if you want to.  Battleship or cruiser/destroyer can’t compare with that unless you need shore bombardment for some reason.

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    I collect Destroyers.(I am cheap!)
    Think it has to be DD and 2SS, like Vance said.
    Subs are so powerful in Global with the Convoy Raiding.

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