Doing the right thing (Stealing Halloween Candy from fat people)

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    Obesity is at epidemic levels!
    Peoples LIVES are at risk.

    Because of all the hatred I have recieved recently, in relation to my insensitive commentary about childrens demise.  I thought I would strike back at those who have opposed me, and DO MY PART for my country and my community and for the children.

    We can all agree that I need to do GOOD here, and I think everyone at AA.Org can get behind that right?  After all it’s because of all your encouragement that I’ve come up with an idea…

    And here’s my plan…

    I am going to steal haloween candy from fat kids this halloween; And prevent them from prolonged misery at the hands of bullies who make fun of them for being fat.

    I will also be doing my part to lessen the tax burden of fellow canadians, due to the increased Health care costs that are directly related to fat people.

    Not only will I do this for FREE, for EVERYONE, and for FUN.  I will do this without even being asked!

    And if you’re brave enough to care about your community, I encourage you to do the same!

    So Join me in this crusade and think of the children!


    This is doing the right thing!

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    I have a restaurant, so you can imagine I have a love/hate relationship with fat people. (They really do eat more.)
    I do fear that my daughter might grow up fat: is a horrible thought.
    I wish you luck in your crusade, but believe government has to be more nanny state and really do more.

  • I was thinking of giving out vegetables to the fat ones and the ugly ones or the ones whose parents are fat and/or ugly but then I decided I would rather keep the broccoli and carrots for myself.  So what the heck I am just going to give out all kinds of cheap lead-contaminated Dollar Store candy and watch all the little kiddywinks in my 'hood die a slow diabetic death from fructose poisoning.  Happy Hallowe’en!

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    Excellent idea Garg! Sort of like the Robin Hood of Halloween!

    Can I be Little John?

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