"Skirmish Mode"

  • My friend and I occasionally play Axis & Allies using these “Skirmish” rules (in the style of Risk). Thought I’d post them here for feedback.

    Choose any nation you want but make sure to leave at least one color available to represent Neutral forces (more on that later).

    Starting with an empty map (it’s best to use just one theater if you’re playing head-to-head), players take turns placing National Control markers on any territories with a value of 4 or less, spending a maximum of 25 points each.  Territories cost 1 more than their IPC value to claim (so islands and places like Vyborg/Bessarabia with no value cost 1).  Roll to determine who has first choice and then proceed clockwise.

    Starting with the same player as before, each player chooses one of their territories to be their “Capital” and places a Major Industrial Complex there.  If your Capital is lost, you lose the game.

    Each player begins with 10 infantry.  Once all of the players have 25 points worth of territory, take turns placing infantry one at a time in any territory you own, starting with the same player as before.

    The first round begins with the player who chose their territory last and goes clockwise from there (so the guy who got first pick of territory will take the last turn of each round).

    All unclaimed territories on the map that have an IPC value are independent Neutral states that can muster troops (of a color that no one is playing as, of course) to defend themselves.  If a territory has no IPC value, it’s considered to be empty and can be conquered with no resistance.
    Upon the invasion of a Neutral territory:
        a.  Place 1 infantry for every 1 IPC that the territory is worth
        b.  Place 1 tank for every 2 IPC’s that the territory is worth (rounded down)
        c.  Place 1 fighter for every 3 IPC’s that the territory is worth (rounded down)
        Note: Ignore the troop values printed on the Global map’s Neutral territories.

    Example: If you invade Germany, it will defend itself with 5 infantry, 2 tanks, and 1 fighter.

    There may be a few other rules that I can’t think of at the moment, and I have to go do some work!  I’ll update this when I come up with more.
    Anyway, post your own “Skirmish” rules if you have them!  I’d like to compare notes.

  • Sort of a neat idea.
    Perhaps involve dice in the selection process somehow. Players roll a die, and can claim any territory equal to or lesser than the roll when it is their turn to pick.

  • Customizer

    It sounds like sort of an advanced version of RISK. Might be cool to try out as something different for a change.

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