• OK so i have been thinking of some cool new units i could add to my AA game and i have a few.

    1. House (not sure of that name yet)
      -Costs 5 IPCs to build.
      -Player who owns house receives 2 IPCs per turn per house owned starting after the turn they are purchaced.
      -House must be build in a country occupied by at least 3 infantry.
      -Houses can not be moved.
      -Limit is 1 house per country territory.
      -Player who owns house must place country marker under house.
      -Houses can be captured if and only if country containing house is attacked by a player using only infantry and/or artillery. The attacker must win the battle in order to capture house. If attacker wins battle all affects of the house transfers to that player. If attacker attacks with anything other than infantry and/or artillery and wins the battle house is destroyed.
      EXAMPLES: - 3 German tanks attack a Russian occupied territory with a house.
                             -If Germany wins battle, house is destroyed.
                             -If Germany loses battle, house remains standing and in Russian control.
                     -5 German infantry attack a Russian occupied territory with a house.
                             -If Germany wins battle, house is captured.
                             -If Germany loses battle, house remains standing and in Russian control.
      -Houses can be damaged by bombing raids (similar to Industrial Complexes). Bombers who bomb a house must roll 1 die per bomber and the total amount of die translates to the the total damage inflicted on house. Houses can take a total damage of 20. The total damage on a house can be represented by the total damage in chips placed under the house.
      EXAMPLE: House has 3 damage so owning player places 3 chips under house.
      If house is destroyed, all effects of house stop immediately (player stops collecting the 2 IPCs).

    –I have some more ideas for some cool units but i really like this one a lot. Let me know what you guys think of this one and let me know if you want me to post any more of my ideas. :)
    –I will be incorporating this unit/piece into my AA game very soon. I will be using some old houses from a monopoly game lying around the house
    –If anyone else has some ideas than post them on here to!

  • Population centers are an interesting idea, but I’m not too crazy about these “house” rules (lol).
    If you really want to have something like this, I’d like to suggest:
    1. Make it cost a little more or have each side start with a certain number already on the map
    2. What if instead of generating credits, it generates 1 infantry per turn?
    3. I would have it take like 6 hits max so that you don’t break the bank repairing it

    If you’re interested in buying similar pieces, I suggest the brown houses from the World of Warcraft monopoly game:

    and cities from Fortress America:

  • Thank you for your input :)  Population Center is a much better name, haha thanks

    1. I don’t know if i should have sides start with houses. It makes a lot of sense but i really don’t know what the best configurations for placement would be.
    2. This is a really cool idea, i like it a lot.
    3. I also like this idea. The original reason i had the houses able to retain so much damage was the fact that they would be unrepairable. I like your idea better.

    –Just thought of a cool idea to add onto yours. You could give the player an option to “invest” in their population centers. So, a player could pay maybe 5 IPCs and every turn after they would receive 1 more infantry for that house.

    Thanks for the links as well.

  • Conceptually, what does this house or population centre represent?  Is it an indication that a territory is inhabited?  Since most A&A territories – except perhaps a few remote corners of Siberia – represent land areas which (as far as I know) are inhabited to some degree, how would the presence of a house in one territory and its absence in another be justified?  Just wondering.

  • Well, i guess it could represent an inhabited land. I have not really thought about its representation all that much. I just thought that this was a good idea for an addition to the game. In my opinion, i guess the “houses” could represent a land that has been fortified, mechanized, or one that has a barracks? It’s all up to the player i think.

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