Today in 180: Commodus returns to Rome as Emperor.

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    After 83 years of 5 good emperors who brought growth and riches, Commodus arrived in Rome as Emperor today. He would rule 12 years and take Rome back to the dark times not seen since Nero. He had been with his father, Marcus Aurelius when he died of plague at Vindobona ( modern day Vienna). Many should have seen the signs: he was born on the 31st August, like Caligula, another despot of an emperor. Within 5 years he was leading a life of depravity, having orgy after orgy, with his harem of 300 boys and 300 girls. When he ran out of money, he would execute a senator and take his. He was so obsessed with his own importance he changed all the names of the months to his own.
    He started fighting animals in public, fancying himself the world’s greatest gladiator, paying himself 1000000 sesterces a year. The Roman people and senate were appalled. Soon a plot was hatched to assassinate him. The poison failed and a professional wrestler was called upon to strangle him in his bath. He was 31.
    After his death, all mention of him was removed by the Senate.
    His death was followed by the year(193) of the 5 Emperors.

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    What a legend LOL…. epic.

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    Hi Garg. Must say as I wrote the word “orgy”, twice, I thought of you.
    I wonder if Commodus was partial to gorillas!
    Or if he was happier throwing javelins at them.
    Nutcase that he obviously was.

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    By the standards of Wittmann’s brief biographical sketch, Christopher Plummer’s interpretation of Commodus in “The Fall of the Roman Empire” is quite restrained.  He barely attains the level of ruthless villany you might find in an average Fortune 500 CEO nowadays.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    What’s so “insane” about wanting it your own way, and embracing the freedoms you have whilst you have them?

    Immoral - Certainly,  Insanse?  Not at all…  :evil:

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    You are right Marc. He certainly was a “baddy”, but not as vile a portrayal as could have been(was the 60s though). Joaquin definitely did him more justice.
    I must say, I first watched that because Sofia Loren was in it.

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