• My dad and i just watched a show, sink the Bismarck. What is your thoughts on this topic?

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    Hi Worsham. The Bismarck story is one I have always liked. I think it was a beautiful ship and being a lover of all things German even as a child, always found its demise very sad. Its crippling by Swordfish biplanes seemed unfair and was of course extremely lucky. (I think at heart I am not a lover of the David and Goliath story.)
    Tactics wise, I cannot see how Lindemann could have turned around after sinking the Hood and to go after the Prince of Wales would have been wrong too.(Was she too fast anyway?). He did the right thing in continuing out to sea. I never really understood why the Prince Eugen was sent back or why a couple of Destroyers could not have escorted her all the way from Germany though.
    Nice thread again.

  • I think that operation went wrong from the beginning.

    1. Bismarck had way more range than Eugen, and should sail alone. As it was, Eugen had to refuel in Norway, so they lost time.
    2. Lutjens failed his duty as Commander since he let the lack of sleep and rest making bad influence on his decisions. One example on this is when he broke the radio silence with an unneccessary message 10.00 at mai 25’th, giving away their position to the possum.
    3. Big ships as Bismarck should be used as Fleet-in-beeing, not sacrisfied on stupid missions.

    But to answer the asken question, after the hit Bismarck had no choice than to go to France.

  • @Razor:

    1. Big ships as Bismarck should be used as Fleet-in-beeing, not sacrisfied on stupid missions.

    With the British committed to the convoy system the use of German surface fleet againist convoys was the best way of hurting the British.  The aging battleship HMS Ramillies was able to keep the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst from completly wiping the Atlantic of a large convoy Convoy HX 106. Had the Bismarck been able to take out a couple of convoys while sinking a WWI era battleship or two the British would have had a huge crisis. Take frontline units from the war with Italy and from protection of the homeland to protect convoys.

  • Nah, you are wrong. Just look at Tirpitz, she never sailed, she was hiding in a Norwegian fjord the whole war, and because of that UK did not dare to send convoys to Murmansk during the summer. I think subs was a better choice for raiding.


  • We are talking about to different stages of the war. The Atalntic was still open in 1940 and 41 which allowed for surface raiders. By late 1942 and early 1943 even the distance waters were getting more difficult for German surface raiders to operate.

    How do you suggest the Surface Navy of Germany help in the War effort? Stay in port? Engage the Royal Navy? I fully believe with the size of the German Navy the only choice was helping in the tonnage war.

    Like many other situations Hitlers obsession with a Norway Allied Invasion killed any freedom the Surface units had.

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    The best way to force Britain to surrender was the convoy raiding…  the Axis damn near reache the allied threshold in 41.

    Sink the Hood, Sink the Prince of Wales, and operate out of France W Air support.

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    Here’s a site which Bismarck enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy:


    And for those interested in Bismarck’s distinguished opponent at the Battle of the Denmark Straight, there’s this site:


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    I love the Bismarck. Thank you.

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